ANCIENT HORNS – Profano CD 2008

Начну с того, что данный CD прилетел ко мне с полуострова Филлилины с очень специфическим запахом. Вероятно, обложку диска пропитали каким-то химическим реактивом, чтобы приблизить сильнее к своей атмосфере. Это мне напомнило нафталин. Забавный факт, но моль как мне известно не питается пластмассой на которой записан ядовитый звук. Ладно, оставим все эти случаи с ядовитыми грибами в бандеролях, а перейдём непосредственно к музыке. ANCIENT HORNS разожгли свой огонь ярости возле культа BLACK METAL. Причём огонь разросся в мощный чёрный костёр BLASHEME & GOATPRIDE работа выполнена с приподнятом духом и эпическом стиле. Гордый и скоростной штурм разбавленный в некоторых частях акустическими паузами. Партии гитар больше тяготеют к мелодичным основам, а тяжёлая секция напомнила громоподобные проходы MARDUK / LORD BELIAL и ABLAZE MY SORROW. После таких талантливых релизов всё больше убеждаюсь в состоятельности сцены Южной Азии. HAIL SOUTH HELL!!!


Ancient Horns – Profano – (2009)
1. Defiance of Tyranny
2. Eternal Vengeance
3. The Plaque of False Religion
4. The Crucifier
5. Church of Pandemonium
6. Pulverized Kristo
7. Ancient Prophecy
8. 666 – Failure of Crucifix

ANCIENT HORNS - Profano CD 2008

ANCIENT HORNS - Profano CD 2008

QUO VADIS Infernal Chaos
TORTURER Wind From The Darkwood
SCORNGRAIN Cyberwarmachine
URN Soul destroyers


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  1. Ancient Horns are a three – piece hailing from Philippines, around since 2003 and currently with a self-released demo (entitled Eternal Vegeance) and a debut album under their belt, which is the one being reviewed, released by Infernal Kaos Productions label and going by the quite self-explanatory title ofProfano. What they present us with is quite a classic breed of Death/Black Metal drenched in Swedish impetuosity, combining aggressive drumming and insanely fast blastbeats with a melodic and somewhat Epic riffing, thus comparisons can be made with the later efforts of Naglfar, along with earlier Dark Funeral and even Dissection, albeit with a less complex and fine guitar work. Production sounds undeniably oriented towards the Old-School style, drums (maybe too much in the background) sound very natural and bereft of excessive treatment, with the snare presenting an audible metallic resonance, guitars’ tone fits the genre at hand quite well, and the bass has quite a dry sound and it’s also not too emphasized in the mix. Vocals are a raspy style of screaming tending to traverse into growl territory, and they seem to remain in the foreground and, in a way, slightly detached from the rest of the instruments. The whole thing sounds a bit too chaotic at times, and it also seems like the volumes and sounds slightly tend to vary from one song to another, but that doesn’t really affect the listening in a negative way either. The playing is competent yet not completely flawless, and it imparts quite a realistic vibe to the music. There are even some really pleasant arpeggios that break up the blasting speed in a couple of instances, and many classically frenzied solos are also strewn within the songs, which rather seem composed and performed by some band grown up in some obscure snow swept Swedish province. Profano is not a perfect or innovative album by any means, nor it contains any kind of depth on the lyrics’ side, still it flows tightly without falling off into pointless violence, with the help of an intelligent and well – thought songwriting.

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