The f@@kin flame of real metal will forever burn, until it engulfs the whole damn universe, destroying religions, politicians, and the ones who follow the path of false. F@@k their prophets and f@@k their faith. The fight is just starting! And victory can belong only to us!  Anybody trying to stop us will always be ass-kicked in the worst possible way! (BESTIAL REVILER)

Tell little its terrors begin about under signboard BESTIAL REVILER. As all began,had you experience of the play before this.

Well, it’s quite a long story, but to put it shortly, me (Misotheist) and the drummer (Fender) have been friends since about 2000-2001 and as soon as we got into the whole metal deal, we started trying to do something ourselves. About four years ago we got tired of home rehearsals with pals from our universities (without any style definitions… gore-grind turned into heavy metal and back, haha) and we started searching for musicians. And I decided to stop compromising with other musicians, and to fulfill my greatest passion since 2002 – thrash metal. At that time we needed a drummer and a bassassin. So after about to years of different assholes, losers and sometimes nice dudes, who just didn’t share our vision, we got a stable line-up with me singing and playing bass, Fender on drums and Mauler on guitar. As for him, he played some pagan-metal or something like that before Reviler (our name two years ago), but I’m not sure.

 How much you years, what profession earn itself on rehearsals.



I am 22, Fender is 24, Mauler is 20. I am a post-graduate student (Japanese studies), and I work as an English teacher at my old university, Fender is currently changing his profession, but he worked as an engineer, and Mauler is a student.

Why was exactly chose given direction for gang.

Cause I didn’t want to play anything else. I am a thrash maniac. Though I am evolving. And I want to explore new directions (NO MODERN SHIT FOR HELL’S SAKE!!!). Just experimenting with more death, black metal, punk and even old school heavy and speed metal influences (black heavy! Devil Lee Rot rules!! HAHAHA).

Who create  name for gang

…I did. Though I had to change it by adding Bestial, when I found out about a Brazilian Reviler.

Has This year occurred the good event for your gang. You have released split- album. What reaction enters from it.

Quite good actually. People seem to like it. Though since we released it ourselves, distribution and the post office crap is pretty annoying. And I pay much less attention to people actually talking about the CD, than to the fact, that they got it.

As you have found comrades for joint album

And that think about these gangs.

I met the dudes from Bestial Torture at Jalometalli 2008. They gave me their promo, which you can actually hear on the CD. Drank, banged our heads and had a great time. It’s a pity they parted ways with the singer. Cool guy! And when the idea of a split arose we immediately contacted them. And Terrorist… I actually accidentally ran into their CD and bought it. It f@@kin blew me away! So I asked them if they wanted to participate and they gladly agreed. Even re-recorded the songs and made their quality 100% underground. Hehe.

Interview With BESTIAL REVILER - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine

Interview With BESTIAL REVILER - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine

With whom else you support crowd command relationship?

Well. We don’t really have much of a contact with other bands from abroad. We contact them when we have offers, but chatting on the internet is not my favorite way to spend my time. As for Russians, my answer to the next question will also answer this one.

Who from Russia metal bands nearly with sounds BESTIAL REVILER?

Frozen Rock, Blood Pollution, Disturber, Antimelodix, Ork Bastards, D.Anger, Unbroken Bones.

I like this guys and I also have hopes that a band called Whip for Slaves will finally start playing live.

With what difficulty you faced write its СD. Apropos as about issue of the vinyl or cassettes?

What was difficult!? The f@@kin money! It’s all very expensive. I don’t know. Of course it would awesome to release something on vinyl, but not in Russia. A tape? Very possible! A little later. For now we have something else up our sleeve.

How much disks has left for limits of the Russia and that write about you. The most interesting reviews for you .With whom compare if there is such.

Wow… I didn’t count. About 200-250 I suppose. As I said earlier, the reactions are few, but positive. No particularly interesting reviews, that caught my attention. Haha. We are often compared to Abigail. And as a guy from Saint-Petersburg said: “They are like Toxic Holocaust, but with less punk and more solos”.

What status beside you in your city. Invite on alive attacks. What fans(the age or who has got) come on your live action.There is desire to play on large festival

No status. We are underground assholes, who don’t like anybody. Well, we are sometimes invited to different fests, but 90% of offers are declined. On the 4-th of December we will probably play at a gig with Nuclear Warfare (ger). Amazingly we have a few pretty loyal fans, and the age ranges from 15 to 30. Big fests – only abroad. There is nothing worthwhile here.

On than were brought up participants of your gang.The Idols childhood and idols presently.

We were raised (on rock!!!haha) on shitloads of different metal (and for me also hardcore-punk). Our drummer is a power-metal fanboy. I turned to thrash about 6 years ago. As for the first step into metal territory, for me and Fender it was Manowar about 9 years ago. And I still adore their old stuff. Absolutely amazing. Heroes – Angelripper, Lemmy, Katon Da Pena, Jeff Beccera. And I recently discovered what an awesome guy Fenriz is. Really nice dude.



Concerned with the tapeing and collection metallic music.How much boxes with THRASH METAL was collected before that moment as themselves have begun to tear the strings

Probably two or three hundred of mostly illegal tape copies still pile up in my room. As for CD’s, the situation is similar. And I collected about a hundred original and licensed CD’s during the last three years. And 3 first vinyls!

There was fascination group ARIA and KORROZIA METALLA?

NO! I always detested both bands. As for Mauler, he likes old Korrozia. I never liked Russian metal, except for Terror Collection by SHAH.

Your loved way of the rest

Traveling, bicycling, fishing, drinking with buddies, and of course rehearsals!

Bestial Reviler split-CD vs ABIGAIL  - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine

Bestial Reviler split-CD vs ABIGAIL - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine

Your valid attitude is seen From answer to punk to culture…Many thrashers raise an objection to this,emerging under call NO MOSH and so on…Why espouse the old principles?

Because I love moshing, stagediving, and that’s what a metal show is all about for me. F@@k those wimps. They are boring. I got into a circle pit for the first time in my life, listening to Sadistic Intent in Finland and I still remember that amazing feeling. It’s better that any f@@kin drug in the world!

Concerning punk… Yeah I love crust, dis-beat, stenchcore, scandicore! Some truly violent stuff can be found out there. As for their ideology… Mostly I don’t give a shit. I hate all ideologies, political movements and religions.

On cover to disk,I have not found the printouts to text.Interesting about than each track with this split separately.

Mordant Mauler – about being extremely violent to someone you really hate.. hahaha. Chainsaws in Heaven – blasphemic anthem for an attack on heaven by a hellish horde, armed with chainsaws. Horned woman – about having wonderful BDSM intercourse with the daughter of Satan and dying because that bitch is just soooo good!

Tell me about ATOMIC CARNAGE Rec. I have understood you were a first position  of this records?

Well… Atomic Carnage is me and a guy from Blood Pollution. We started it because we want a base to promote our music, to help other worthwhile bands in Russia and to promote real metal from abroad here. Soon we hope to release 4 (!!!) new CD’s, that ought to be very cool.

Entered offers from the other records company?

Yeah. From two actually. But only from Russia. We are thinking one offer over, but I just really want to raise Atomic Carnage to a higher level in the underground.

What distro ed you to spread your creative activity?

Non.. HAHAHA. Until we launched the label’s Myspace ( After that we received some offers from Infernal Kaos, from Metal or Die records and so on. Usually it is us, who are interested! But Hell’s Headbangers took our cd’s to sell. So it’s not that bad.

Such event as issue own CD probably long twisted the consciousness. You washed CD heavy alcohol? (this is russian tradition-ed)

Holy shit! I don’t know. When I hear drink I think BEER! Mauler actually is a f@@kin drunkard. He drinks anything that burns. And a lot. I always have to watch him before shows not to let him drink himself to death. And Fender is the opposite. He usually drinks two beers and starts acting dumber than a monkey in a chamber with laughing gas! It’s just his organism. And as for me, I drink beer, than some more and than again.And also Salmiakki Kosken Korva (Salmari)! Finnish lickerish vodka. They also call it Finnish schnapps.  Love it!

You answer my questions for reading the book?!

Well mostly history books for my studies. But at the moment it’s English grammar for elementary students! HAHAHA! Getting ready for next lessons with my young victims! And also managed to get my hands on Kalevala at last. Getting to know Finnish folklore!

What ideal admirer wants to see for itself


A person, to whom I could talk, while sitting with beer, and not get bored.

So after about to years of different assholes, losers and sometimes nice dudes, who just didn’t share our vision, we got a stable line-up with me singing and playing bass

The Finnish folklore…But as about MALLEUS MALEFICARIUM , witches, books about inquisition,alchemy,history civilization and books about records in metal?

Yeah sure. All that is good. Second world war is also interesting, . I read a lot, so I can’t really tell what is my favorite topic. Lately I got really carried away by classic dystopian literature.

Apropos what record playing in BESTIAL REVILER you see for itself?

Becoming the president of the universe and making Horned Woman the national anthem!!!

What beside you physical form and have you certificate of the driver…

Damn.. Are you from the FBI?! Well because of beer my physique is not too good, but I started going to my old martial arts sensei recently. So it just might get better. And I got a driver’s license just a few month ago. I managed to break almost every rule, while passing the exam, hahaha.

The Cover to your split-CD much intillectual.?

Well… To tell the truth, I have no idea what is behind the cover art, cause the guys from Terrorist just wrote to me “Man, we got some cool artwork, check it out”, I liked it, the finns also liked it, so we just used it! It looks evil. The author is a Polish artist, whose name I don’t remember, but he is credited on the CD.

BESTIAL REVILER have home video or official version?

Yeah. A crappy DVD. I don’t really want to release it… It’s just too bad. Filmed from the side of the stage. No sound quality and nothing really to watch.

When move in transport you listen the metallic music and where buy the patches for your jacket?

Yeah… I do and always did. With cassettes, than with CD’s and now MP3. I just can’t live through the road to my job and back without something pounding in my brains.

I get patches wherever I can. Through the internet, in shops, sometimes I order bootleg patches. Mostly through the internet.

BESTIAL REVILER-compare to early SODOM…  (This opinion warrior from ARBITRATOR). As you pertain to such comparisons…?

It’s Wolf’s opinion… Hehe. He also told me so. Of course I like it. For me Sodom is the best band in the world. So it’s nice to be compared with my biggest inspiration. But I personally don’t think that our stuff on the split is similar to old Sodom. We are not chaotic enough.

You Play on live action coversongs other bands…?

Sure! We love it. Toxic Holocaust, Tankard, Bathory covers have already been done. Now there is going to be a Nuclear Assault cover, than maybe Possessed, Sarcofago or Hellhammer.

You has mentionned only SHAH from old THRASH commands of the former alliance… But earlier nearly more halfs of the commands were from Moscow: CROWNEAR / ДАЙ / DIV / BLACK OBELISK / ЖЕЛЕЗНЫЙ ПОТОК / КЛИНИКА… All near with Spider (KORROZIA METALLA), but without any internet herewith and promotion the whole this booth went on the whole former alliance and released the vinyls one hundred thousandth circulations.

By the way Klinika is great!(I think ДАЙ to very much cool band too-ed.) I just got to know them not a long time ago. All the other bands you’ve mentioned are just not for me. I heard each of them at least once, but I never had an impulse to listen to them again. And too much nazi shit. Not for me, thank you!

Puts for itself what that purposes BESTIAL REVILER?

Of course we’ve got aims. A European tour! For starters! Haha. But serious, maybe we’ll visit Finland next year.

Your CD left the circulation 500 copies.This dust for CHINA …Will re-issued disk after sold out ,ha-ha…?

Only if someone wants to re-release it! As for us, we have some more important business to attend to!

I think not bad was got our conversation and I wanted to hear when will leave your solo album where will possible hear the song so 30 to example,ha-ha…

30 is too much! We are not D.R.I. Maybe in a year or so. We have another split coming up. And it will probably have 5-7 songs. But I am not going to say with whom, because I am still waiting for their material, and I don’t want to disappoint anyone in case of some kind of failure. But if it works out, I’m gonna f@@kin celebrate it as if somebody gave me a remote control and told me that one push of a button can blow up all our churches to f@@kin rubble.

Thank you for answers and support! Say for readers of my journal and not forget that he for persisting maniac with all parts of the world.

Thanks to you, man! Your support is incredibly important. And to each and everyone, who is reading this: Only old-school is real! Metal is more than any religion will ever be! Hailz to true maniacs! We are those, who keep the fire burning. Support the underground!

And to those who oppose: F.O.A.D.!!!

Oh yeah! Watch out for newstuff from Bestial Reviler! Soon

Interview With BESTIAL REVILER - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine

Interview With BESTIAL REVILER - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine

Interview With ANTICHRIST magazine
Interview With Sergei Pismeny EVIL’S BEST ZINE
Interview With ARBITRATOR


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