Interview With INSULTERS

All started before the summer of 2008, where Gusi “Bourbon Devastator”, Makeda “Massive Nuclear C@mmer” and Mendia “Blasphemic Vomitor” talked about the idea of formming a band, it had to sound in the vein of some old bands taking influences from Celtic Frost, Venom, Slayer, Bathory, Motörhead, Possessed, Sodom, Damnation (Swe), and some other mighty metal bands…finally the chosen name for the band was INSULTERS…


Three or four years before, Bourbon Devastator, Massive Nuclear C@mmer and Blasphemic Vomitor played in a band with Edgar (from the tribute band to Motörhead, Bastards) called “Cermiñón Cerebral”.We made some rehearsing sessions but the members of the band were too busy with their jobs and others projects to continue with the band, the aim was continue playing toguether, but the time passed and these project died. Bourbon Devastator and Massive Nuclear C@mmer continued with their other band MORBID FLESH and some years after Bourbon Devastator joined GRAVEYARD at drums. In other way Blasphemic Vomitor started promoting some underground gigs under the banner of SABATHELL METAL ATTACk and making some patches and t-shirts for metal bands.

 deadwebzineOne night we were at Blasphemic Vomitor’s house and we were drinking some beers and bringing chaos. Talking completely stoned about something we can’t remember, Pedruki “Clito Sodomizer” listenned how we were talking about our dead project and he was so interested in playing drums in some band (he is the lead guitar player in METRALLA). Our first rehearsing like INSULTERS was at 11th November 2008, one week after we started recording our first demo in Blasphemic Vomitor’s room with litres and litres of beer and whisky,some evil stuff and the minimum resources…
… it’s all bastards…

HELL WARRIORS! How are you there?  Please introduce INSULTERS!

Hey! Here I am so stoned, as usual… haha! INSULTERS is a band from Sabathell (Barcelona)we were formed in 2008, we play F@@KING METAL and we are here to kick your rotten asses bastards. No more introduce needed.

Tell us about name band-INSULTERS. You know INSULTERS from Germany?

Yeah, we know about INSULTER from Germany but I think that our music is quite different even they are playing extreme metal as us, it would be funny to share stage some unholy night!

INSULTERS released second 5-tracks demo. How was it accepted by the maniacs in hellground?

Well, I think that now it’s pretty soon to know how has been accepted our new demo “Black Vomit”, but we don’t give a shit, really, we play metal as we feel it in our veins. Take it or F@@K YOU.

METAL influences for me. I right or no? Which bands influenced you the most while writing this material?

Yeah, you are right maniac! We take influencies of Celtic Frost, Venom, Motörhead (ALL HAILS TO MOTÖRHEAD!!), Damnation, Slayer, Dismember, Nifelheim, Sodom and an endless f@@king list….


Hehehe, that’s the name that the vokiller of LIE IN RUINS said when he listened us! We liked it and we gave it us ours, we take so many influences of different kinds of metal, in other way we don’t want to be classified with a stick, at least it is Metal or don’t, you know what I mean.

So you’re working on full length already?

We are not working in any full-lenght. We are looking for editing some Splits and there are no more future plans, by the way we’ll do.

Tell us about contract with FISTBAG records…?

No contracts man, it was an underground release. They edited “Skull Krushers” and it’s all, no compromise!

On first demo your use cover song from CELTIC FROST. On second demo too
cover song from POSSESSED. I must ask you about your opinion this MIGHTY bands?

They are just bands which we use to listen and covering these songs is our way to worship them, just as a tribute, great songs and great bands, eternal respect for them!

Your attitude to hard alcohol? Your personal favorite in drink? Tell us humor history about your overdose alcohol?

The only point is that we are always too thirsty, it don’t care but mainly Beer, Wine, Wodka and Bourbon.

There are thousands of funny histories! But I can tell you that looking for drinks (During the record sessions of Skull Krushers) Clito Sodomizer crashed the Bourbon Devastator’s car, we passed in front of a bunch of f@@king policemen and they didn’t see us with all the back windows destroyed! I don’t know if it is funny, but it was really thrilling!

Attitude to drugs and NEVER STOP THE MADNESS?

Never stop doing what you want to do, it’s all.

Since what age did you start listening Metal? Are you into any other musical genres?

We started to listen metal at the age of 12-13. We are into some real rock’n’roll bands and some punk/crust bands. It has to have the right attitude, it’s all.

What do you think about Myspace?

Myspace is a good tool to contact faster with people in the other side of the globe, in the other hand, it’s like a soap of maggots, there is so many shit.

Please comment your slogan from flyers-No nu, No gay, No prog…?

These is the slogan from Fistbang Records, but we support it! Really Dou you think that it’s needed any comment about that? Hahaha HEAVY METAL THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE.

Tell us about real Spanish underground. Please recommend some good bands / zines from Spain…?

There are good fanzines like Bloody, Hellspawn, Orfismo, There where I don’t belong (that one is written in english. You can listen some good bands from spain like for example KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR, GRAVEYARD, REDIMONI, BALMOG, ERED, MORBID FLESH, METRALLA, DISHAMMER, TEITANBLOOD, PROCLAMATION, FOSCOR, DECAPITATED CHRIST

Your attitude to M.P.D.S. crew in worldwide?

I think that it’s great this connection between people from different countries and it has the right attitude, F@@K OFF AND DIE!!

Do you find any interest in new bands? You liked last working DARKTHRONE for example…?
Yeah I liked it, f@@k to black sheeps sons of marketing. There are too much new bands at the moment, but there are still some real crushing bands, I mean acts such as Tribulation or Die Hard.

INSULTERS from Barcelona city. Beside you the most frantic and cruel fans of the football. You go on stadium?

It’s too expensive for us going to the stadium, but the major part of the band follows football. F.C. BARCELONA obviously.

What can you say about the following?

Spanish Terroristic acts/ that’s not my war

School massacre in Columbine/ We are sons of their society

BATHORY/ Eternal worship

Spanish inquisition/ SHIT

Emo and gothic? MORE SHIT

What are the last words that you’d like to tell me and the readers?

Never stop the vomit! Support real metal and DIE HARD HELL-MANIACS!!

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THE LURKING CORPSES Smells like the dead
VOMITOUS Devoid of Divinty Demo 2008

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