As judged by the first acquaintance on photo with this duo italian, I expected to hear what – that followers of the deals MORTUARY DRAPE. But paint false sign turned out to be on person. I have heard the old style HEAVY/THRASH METAL (Upss!) with integer by set of the influences from ACCEPT/MANOWAR/JUDAS PRIEST/ANNIHILATOR/MEGADETH. Here is so sometimes deceptive appearance, but in the event of with BTD this excellent heavy retro back with pleasing grinding of the guitars with vinyl plate 80-h. The Vile vocals (UDO BIG HAILS!!!), flippant losses and heard solos cascades. The Music BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS this pride whole persisting metal without glam and soft melodies. The Bones, skull, fire and mad boom! METAL HAMMER LIVE! 8/13

BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS “Occultum lapidem” 2009 CD (ITALY)
Program of the plate:
The ancient gods/
Tears of lies/
I will die/
Prince of darkness/
Behind my faith/
Thegraves are open/
Occultum lapidem/
Stolen faith


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