BURDEN A.D. Anno dominator 2008 CD

I don’t know, who create baize about that that north nation of the people like Finn several slow in their own action and thought. Having Heard become cool functioning BURDEN A.D beside I formed quite inconsistent opinion. These rabbits as in that advertisement of charged cosmic power energy topple on its lorry on top speed. On crossroad not reducing velocities they move aside cruel ANGRY/THRASH METAL sign from PANTERA/C.O.C./DOWN. Under all this is here shown good serf with groove including. Guitar passages also f@@king cool. Separate applause has deserved the vocalist of this gang. This bear not intending to fall into hibernation. Powerful and cruel voice. BURDEN A.D.-dangerous cargo, I you in this assure.

BURDEN A.D. Anno dominator 2008 CD - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine

BURDEN A.D. Anno dominator 2008 CD - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine


BURDEN A.D. “Anno dominator” 2008 CD (FINLAND)
Program plates: Shut the f@ck up/Don’t hold back/Perfect family/Promotor/Slow flames/Saw/Marked fist/The end/Hexed

BURDEN A.D. Anno dominator 2008 CD - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine

BURDEN A.D. Anno dominator 2008 CD - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine


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  1. I know that many of you out there are not fans of most things ‘modern’ in Heavy Metal. It seems like when that gets thrown into a description a lot of the older fans tend to panic a little. At times it is justified, especially when the term modern is used with Thrash Metal, but there are those bands out there that make it work. For example, BURDEN A.D.

    Granted, you aren’t going to hear significant synthesized instruments or vocals on the band’s debut album “Anno Dominator”, as the term modern seems to depict. But the song writing and the approach the band takes to their Thrash attack is very much from a modern sense of Heavy Metal. The weaving song structures are very loose and organic in their presentation (at times a bit too loose for my tastes) and the almost Groove-esque focus of bass and drum swing with the music gives it a massive modern twist. Throw in the lack of extensive soloing, although the song “Promoter” has a great solo that comes screaming out of nowhere, and BURDEN A.D. definitely has a great modern style going for them.

    Other than the modern part of the band, the rest of “Anno Dominator” is some pretty damn catchy Thrash Metal. The heavy crunch of the guitars maybe modern but the riffs and the splices of melody injected into them are straight out of the book of Bay Area Thrash. Not to mention that the vocal display here is pretty impressive as he uses his vocals in a modern sense of rhythm but his delivery is harsh and Punky with a hint of guttural (think of DEW-SCENTED vocals with a wider range and more group chants). Both of which lend the band some great variety. The occasional melodic intro (see “Marked Fist”) helps keep the album from running together too much.

    It’s a solid release and a great full length debut for this Finnish band, although I could see the band tightening some of their song structures a bit more and perhaps embracing the melody a bit more too. I still give this one a solid 8 out of 10. More for the fans of modern music than Thrash though.


  2. If you like In Flames, you’ll surely embrace this band. Burden A.D hailing from Finland, and they are playing combination of Gothenburg’s melodic death metal with groovy influences. Catchy, fast and humping songs are all what you’ll find on this release. Where In Flames stopped with their standard sound after ‘’Clayman’’ record, this band continues. Production is modern, clean and sharp, so except clean-cut sound. Cover-artwork and inlays are interesting, and lyrically, songs are dealing with real life themes and social issues, inner fears and struggles, except the song ‘’Saw’’ which is, I think is inspired by the same named movie. Material is melodic but with thrash attacks arranged through the sharp riffs, vocals switches from screams to clean voices, and rhythm section simple follows the guitar work, and stands for sound’s complementation. Even that material is colored with much of the fast paced songs, band doesn’t hesitates to fill the sound with acoustic passages in couple of songs. As most representative, I would winnow the tracks like ‘’Marked Fist’’, ‘’Shut the F@@k Up’’ and ‘’Perfect Family’’. Band itself have potential and quality, and good ideas as well, and surely they can do more than this. Very good debut album.

    Vladimir Petković (8)

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