FANTASY OPUS Beyond eternity 2008 CD

FANTASY OPUS “Beyond eternity” 2008 CD (PORTUGAL)
Program of the plate:Mystic messenger/The sacred trilogy/Path of destiny/Higher state of mind/Warrior’s call(1-4)
With silent heart it happens to to taste unexplored and enigmatic sounds. Mysteries, poetries, tumbling of the fate in bright paint elevated FANTASY OPUS. On the other rule here do not play. The Confession whole this is that in hot Portugal there is its national GAMMA RAY with classical approach majestic POWER/HEAVY METAL. Powerful and proud music full symphony in march or die to manner of the winner making triumphal procession with skull of the enemy. The Strong passages in intellect performance Portuguese give the cause to pay attention to this new name in classical POWER METAL world. 10/13


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