Interview With LUCERA


+I welcome! As mood after the let out album. I am unusually surprised having received one of 10 copies of a disk. Who has still got to the list of dispatches.

LUCERA/ hell-o alexumer! first of all thanks for your interest in Lucera, and yes we only press 10 official promo copies for magazines-people -and labels. We also made 30 extra copies(bad quality) and gave them for free to people in a local show here down in Florida. And me Buziraco choose the people worthy to have this lucera’s limited promo copy. We know our people and that’s why you received one!
+I see you support old principles in metal. Why you have chosen such wild way.

Cause metal is already made, we don’t want to create anything new. we play metal the way it is, and as fenriz says “modern metal I don’t give a f@@k”. metal must be remains the same!
+On music it is visible that your creativity was affected by old gangs like Motorhead.
Of course my friend, total respect to the classics, we also are influence by all those obscure rare bands from late 70’s and early 80’s, and by bands like bathory,celtic frost,Parabellum (colombia S.A.)cause we are real rock & roll and support the honest metal made!
+You group of Colombia but live in USA.What so it has turned out. You have a dual citizenship. Where it is easier to play metal in the USA or Colombia.

As you know Colombia is not a good country in many aspects. It is a country with no opportunities , due to it many Colombians had to leave their country searching for a better future ,and we are not the exception. Concerning to the metal scene in USA or Colombia the answer is very relative. Colombia it is a country where the metal scene is big and wild, but the economical situation of Colombia does not permit any band to prevail in the scene. However Few bands had achieve that in a country where to play metal for hobby is a luxury. Here in USA the metal scene is in agony ,but the economical condition of the country offers to you the opportunity to spend time and money in you band.
+Time Colombia so this country is closely connected with corruption and a narcotism.
For nobody around the world is a secret that Colombia is a narco-nation! We grew up in that country so our memories of colombia are the combustible for our pestilent lyrics!
+You were on drugs from the country and the truth that they happen different quality.

Of course my friend the real Colombian cocaine is able to destroy your nose in weeks. And you know, when our magnificent product for example arrive to the united states , the small dealers mix it with a lot of different powders such as aspirin .le me tell you my friend if you want to try it definitely Colombia has to be in you next itinerary.

+Such legend as Pablo Eskobar in what that to a measure also has glorified your country for the whole world having made in 80 years its object of steadfast attention.

Pablo Escobar was one of the most evil person in the world. Colombia suffered a lot when this guy was around, Many killings, massacres, drugs, violence, bombs, tortures, where common in Colombia. Those years are without doubt unforgettable to us and fount of inspiration for lucera’s material.
+Whether there will be still videos after LUCERA. The clip extraordinary was pleasant.

Thanks again Alex! Yes the videoclip shows an obscure aspect in Colombia. Th homeless people and the common street Colombia violence. Very usual for us!
+When it will be possible to hear your compositions on professional carrier CD or a vinyl disk.

HAHA, good question! We don’t know! We don’t have a label, we don’t have money either to release something professional. Right now we are looking for a label . Our “Blackzuco” album is ready since Oct 2009 , if we cant find a label soon ,I think we will press a self release but don’t expect something professional, anyways we don’t care! we will continue making honest metal for metalheads no matter the format!
+You very much sit for a long time in an underground. Than such languid activity in respect of release of records is caused.

Yes we only released two promotional albums :one in 94 no more than 10 copies cassette, in 2005 a promotional cd with 3 songs no more than 30 copies, and the last album 2007 was never released(the album before blackzuco)we never got a label or money to releases it, but we are going to add one song form that album as a bonus track in our new Blackzuco album. We also had a break during 1998, that was the time when we were moving to the united states!.you know brother that lucera is an underground band, as you know few people are interesting in old school. The honest classic brutal metal is only for the chosen ones. We don’t care to remain in the underground as far we still playing from our hearts.
+Your relation to alcohol and as you perceive it. You act in a sober kind.
That people speak about your performances. In what condition now there is a Colombian scene. That will recommend from your places.

As I said before the metal scene is wild in colombia , and yes we love alcohol is part of our life, with aguardiente(colombian alcohol) many colombian neckties where performed!

You also have underlined that playing cocaine metal. Explain in detail.

+You remember the first metal concert in Colombia. Whether the big names like KISS or MERCYFUL FATE often there acted?

No big metal bands performed in colombia during the time that we lived there. I know that quiet riot performed in Colombia in early 80’s besides that nothing. The first important metal show that I saw in colombia was Sodom in 1996 or 97 don’t remember. Nowadays many metal bands play shows in Colombia
+You execute things of other commands at yourselves on rehearsals or concerts?

Same I don’t understand it

+As there is a creation of your compositions. Who has thought up to you images for photos. That people who looked your videoclip speak. Your comments

Those little clips of people in Colombia were taken from a documentary about homeless people in Bogotá. Those are normal events in colombia , that homeless people in crime is a very familiar scene for every Colombian. And lucera wants to share that obscure side of colombia with the world, that’s why we chose those clips.

Colombia is not a good country, a lot misery, inequality, massacres ,paramilitary forces, crime. You can get kill for a pair of shoes, life is not valuable in Colombia. Dont go over there or if you want to see something similar to hell there you go, Colombia is waiting for you!
+That think of financial crisis, about domination and opposition of the USA and Russia, about an Islamic way on a planet, terrorism and the World championship on football in the republic of South Africa …

To be honest with you now in our mid 30’s we don’t really care about was going on around the world, we just work, study, take care of our families, and play metal, besides that every event in the world is not important to us unless it affects ours lives directly.

And regarding to the world cup, we did not qualify , we are jus waiting for a word cup for assassins because I m pretty sure we will be the champions
+Whether you had problems with police … Who that of participants LUCERA was in imprisonment places, in prisons … What term threatens with the Colombian legislation for distribution of cocaine and communications with a drug mafia?

Drugs in colombia are illegal, but is it very cheap, and easy to get them. Colombia produce 90% of the cocaine in the world, and that cocaine is now being distributed inside Colombia because nowadays is very hard to send it to the exterior like before. The new drug lords don’t want to lose money and because they cant send it to Europe or usa,like before they started a new commercial activity inside Colombia , and by the way we never been in prison but many relatives were on prison in colombia and states due to the drug business.
+Have families and how earn, your basic trades, if not a secret?

Lol…drug lords or family cartels don’t exist in Colombia anymore . Now guerrillas and paramilitary forces are in control of it. In late 80’s and early 90’s probably around 90% of the populations had something relative with drug trafficking
+Heard something about Ukraine?
Unfortunately no, we don’t know anything about your metal scene, but we want to know more we like east Europe metal it has an amazing Slavic touch.
+Thanks for interview also tell that that in end of our conversation …

Thanks so much for your interview alex! We wish you god luck with your amazing magazine, and metal forever!

Lucera colombian cocaine metal since 1992


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