Young shaping from heart of the England of the city London. This unique meeting old ideas punk of the fate and dirty heavy metal. Five short compositions for admirer archaic sounds and amateurs to drink the beer with sound. Ha-ha!!! This return to old principle, when in cellar itself feel much comfortable, than on surfaces. The Music underground 70-h years when from cellar arise first punks have begun on streets, metalworkers and soccer hools. Retro music beautifully actual at our days!
http://www.myspace.com/misconducters 8/13
Program of the plate: Ultimate pain/Braindead/Deceived/Misconducter/Stagnant


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  1. Ultimate Pain: Punk feeling with a touch of Metal , which reminded me of some parts of Iron Maiden’s Killers. The lyrics are very interesting, about falling down and getting back on your feet, the constant cycle of life. The chorus “feeling so/empty soul/broken heart/erased mind” must be perfect to listen to while you wander around, late at night, the streets of a chaotic metropolis like London or São Paulo. Really good.

    Braindead: The alternate picking, full of sudden stops, with the drums filling the empty spaces, reminded me of Fistfull of Metal by Anthrax, because it’s one of those albums that are not easy to label; is it Thrash or traditional Heavy Metal? These new thrashy elements certainly caught my attention, as well as the fast solo and the excellent work by the rhythmic session performed by Umbi and Evil Ivo.

    Deceived: Previously recorded for an old demo with a different line-up, this great song has now Evil Ivo on the drums, who gave a new direction to it. It must be ideal to be used as the first song of the live set for it is an awesome Punk Rock tune, short and exciting.

    Misconducter: It starts with a riff similar to Mercyful Fate’s ‘Come to The Sabbath’, which soon speeds up through another very energetic riff by Denfire. This is the absolute highlight of the CD, a natural born classic. It’s really cool when a band names a song after them, like Manowar did, for example. The lyrics are an invitation to enjoy every second of life. Excellent.

    Stagnant: The closing track is a very straight forward and exciting song, assuring us that – especially if using their awesome debut EP You’re Asking For It as reference – the band developed tremendously: the rhythmic section is far more tight and participative, which adds a lot to the band’s musicality. Denfire is still a vocalist with a very peculiar and exotic voice, but also shows himself more daring as a guitarist. I really hope the band keep the Thrash elements in future recordings.

    Leandro Jorge

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