ADUMUS Invincible black order

Enough aging unit american BLACK METAL existing since 99 and having in asset such record as “Infinite Battles for Immortality”(Demo1999), “Besieging Abominations”(EP 2000),”To Heed The Call of War”(CD 2004) and two joint albums
“As the Sun Burns”(Split with BAHIMIRON/FUNERAL RITES 2004), “Black Death”( Split with BLASHERIAN 2006).The New message of the darkness consisting of 9 opuses hateful and barbarous BLACK METAL mastery with gradient in north. Their severe music of the packed chill and proud moods. The Main rate of the performance close to IMMORTAL/EMPEROR(OLD) but meet and small pauses in their battle. On traditions they perform the militant sagas, but with gradient in get dark side. This time without viking in Texas, ha-ha! Also here there is clean BLACK METAL sound without DEATH METAL influences, as beside majority of the american commands. In general even product without claim to hate and darknesses for all admirer of the genre. The Weapon BLACK METAL upwards- as symbol of the victory! The Recommendations! 9/13

ADUMUS “Invincible black order “ 2009 CD (USA)
1. Prelude to Decimation 00:49
2. Battalion of Twilight 05:59
3. Macabre Lunar Awakening 04:06
4. Wrath of the Exiled 04:07
5. Storms of Annihilation 03:55
6. Conquer Through Treachery 05:01
7. Accursed Entities 03:59
8. The Assailant’s Vision 05:01
9. Order 666 04:53
Total playing time 37:10


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