JORMUNDGAND Satanic attack

The Gloomy duo from Sweden invasion with hurricane by onslaught, consisting of four songs. UNHOLY BLACK/THRASH METAL close to society known BESTIAL MOCKERY/NIFELHEIM/KAAMOS. Apropos, lad from NIFELHEIM shocking artists. They helped this beginner dark scene to arrange the engraving for disk. The parade spiteful crock is present on picture. Now sound. The First composition is executed in traditional manner- gloomy, spiteful and enough uncompromising. The gloomy chill winnows from their musics because of what record was done by people with north. Here average rate mixing is used with attacking hold ups. The Last composition terminates the battle of the darkness beautiful key background that will add maturity to the general atmosphere. Expect get fat version, either as we!!! 9/13

deadwebzineJORMUNDGAND “Satanic attack” demo-CD 2009 (SWEDEN)
Program of the plate:
Occult sacrifice
Black winds of death
Satanic attack
By the grace of death

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