SARGATANAS The enlightenment

Probably, one of the the most old gangs cruel Mexican division. Exists and terrorizes since 1986 and uses the most nightmarish form HORROR SATANISTIC DEATH/BLACK METAL with befitting sound violence. Writing the different years rest on this work, showing whole power which is glorified SARGATANAS. Their own record this gang has deserved, reputation one of the most wicked hurlled the commands in Mexico.(HOT IN HELL!) Gloomy sounds is made with damp performance and repugnant chant. VoKILLs full darkness!!! VoKILLs full pain!!! VoKILLs full death!!! The Splendid structure begun else with spreading the cassettes on mail and done itself name its dirty and sick creative activity. The Hurricane of the violence and darkness!6X3!!!

deadwebzineSARGATANAS “The enlightenment “CD 2009 (MEXICO)
Program of the plate:
Eternal darkness
Fear and suffering
The proclamation
Diatribe of the occult
Ritual of the advene
Satans curse
Veneration of the black mark
Dark ancestral forest
Doom of fire/Sargatanas
Blessed are the sons of the black flame
The enlightenment
Hells lair
Eternal darkness
Age of flames


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