TOXIC SOCIETY Living thrashers

Infernal storm from Spain. Presently, quite a few commands comes to us from that lands (GRAVEYARD/INSULTERS/MORBID FLESH etc).In the event of with TOXIC SOCIETY(ex-DALIUM) we deal with else one talented OLD SCHOOL THRASH METAL sytucture with very good name of the album. The Exam these spanish lad has delivered, perfectly having demonstrated attacking squall guitar riffs on limiting velocity. Rather voiced record of their play gravitates to more technical moment.There is some alignments as on german school THRASH METAL(KREATOR/DESTRUCTION/DARKNESS ) so and on american heritage on behalf of EXODUS/DEATH ANGEL/WHIPLASH. This is a beautiful feeling, when like commands shatter the land rectilinear and killing THRASH METAL with radioactive badge!!! 9/13

TOXIC SOCIETY “Living thrashers” CD 2009 (SPAIN)
Program of the plate:Welcome/Morbid crypt/Toxic invasion/Human war/Insane darkness/F@@k off/Infected brain/Slaves of the state/Alien threat


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