VIOLENT ASSAULT The flag of the inverted cross

Rather certain have declared about itself these beginner. Work officially left in format on cassette by amount in 222 pieces. All are operated in uncompromising mode OLD SCHOOL THRASH METAL with landmark on german heroes past. Rapidly, quick as lightning and hard!!!It Is Denoted all who was brought up on KREATOR/DESTRUCTION/EXUMER and certainly MINOTAUR(On this record possible to hear the voice most Andreas Richwien (F@@KING CULT!!!).Who will try to say that such music not actual at our days, that waits the inevitable death! The Advertisment to this work states that record is intended only for people in metal and is dedicated to scene THRASH METAL South America and Germany!.Having Listened “”The flag of the inverted cross” my opinion completely with this agreed!THRASH PANDEMIA TO BE CONTINUED… 11/13

VIOLENT ASSAULT “The flag of the inverted cross” promo- CD 2009 (ITALY)
Program of the plate:
In honour to satan/
Teutonic furor/
Triumph of death (outro)

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