EVOCATION Dead calm chaos

With timeless care with the main scene such full-grown in past warriors as ENTOMBED / AT THE GATES passed much time. Became the sulphur and sadly. I itself became to forget, what must be present swedish DEATH METAL, which haved a fever whole Europe at the beginning initially 90 years. And here is with receipts EVOCATION situation changed. Finally came the command, which must show whole underground that Swedish DEATH METAL else early to bury. Newly with the help of good full tilts as CYCLONE EMPIRE Records we get acquainted with new creation of the group. On disk EVOCATION possible to hear the guest participation of such personalities as Dan Swano and Andreas Bjorler.
Work was got atmospheric, but herewith not losing its gravity. Even at slow moment and transition with melodics EVOCATION sounds it is enough aloud. Serious, qualitative, technical music DEATH METAL continuing row classical number, for instance “Clandestine”/”Like an ever flowing stream”/”Unorthodox” etc. The Whole was necessary the year after issue “Tales from the tomb” to show who here main in Swedish DEATH METAL!
http://www.cyclone-empire.com 12/13

EVOCATION “Dead calm chaos” CD 2008 (SWEDEN)
Program of the plate:
In the reign of chaos
Silence sleep
Angel of torment
Dead calm chaos
Truth will come clear
Protected by what gods
Tommorow has no sunrise
Astray masquerade
Razored to the bone


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