FUNEBRARUM The sleep of morbid dreams

Here is new opus of the dark unexcelled master DEATH METAL. The Best beast product, combining dick gloominess and getting cold atmosphere. Damp cutting guitars onslaught with infernal patter of the anvils from most HELL! FUNEBRARUM this wild fire burning before death! The Vocalist roar as mad bear, and I think, his nobody will not becalm until will grow still this sound holocaust. You lack of malices in INCANTATION, then this is compensated in “The sleep of morbid dreams”. Cyclone Empire (PAGANIZER/EVOCATION) possible felicitate on output such class work from FUNEBRARUM. The Gloomy servants Velizevul will add for your flesh in your nightmare sleeps.BEWARE! 13/13


FUNEBRARUM “The sleep of morbid dreams” CD 2009 (USA)
Program of the plate:
Perish beneath
Grave reaper
Beyond recognition
Cursed eternity
Inceneration of mortal flesh
Nex monumentum
Among the exiled


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