NECROPSY Deathprayer


In my opinion already nearly in all small piece of coal of the globe all know, what sounds classical US BRUTAL DEATH METAL. More so in Germany, where concentrated enormous army metalheads all colors. NECROPSIA bright representatives german crew US stiletto. The Long way of the command to hereto album compensated all waiting Here, there is all classical acceptance inherent given stiletto-energy, aggression, velocity, melodiousness and malice! The First album does not mean that he bad. Remember that even there is its flavor in standard. А for adherent DEATH METAL in any manifestations they will become the the present opening of the season. 7/13

NECROPSY “Deathprayer” CD 2009 (GERMANY)
Program of the plate:
All the grief
Blood on me
Last revenge
The chosen one
My tormentor
Hostage of war
Empty words
Preaching insanity


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