PURGATORY Cultus luciferi

Aging german gang returns after four year silence with new shatterring blow in the manner of killing DEATH METAL album under name “Cultus luciferi”.The Plate left on ANIMATE Records,but vinyl issue on WAR ANTHEM Records.Either as as one should german masters DEATH METAL here much sharp moments commencing from rash attacks and finishing tuneful base at heart composition. Barbarous and pitiless product of the darkness! The Musicians PURGATOTY girded girted by open fire of the flame have proved;proven that their music such hot as infernal fire! PURGATORY not one longed for on hateful DEATH METAL.To recall as it was created style have here taken the guest participation of such cordon bleus past underground as Martin Van Drunen (ASPHYX) and Marc Grewe (MORGOTH). I think this command old master persisting DEATH METAL possible to believe and they this has undoubtedly proved;proven nine opuses destroying hurricane under name “Cultus luciferi”. PURE DEATH METAL ARMAGGEDDA!!! 11/13


PURGATORY “Cultus luciferi” CD 2008 (GERMANY)
Program of the plate:
Realm of the vortes
Chaos aeon
Ruler of the east
Forbidden wisdom
Red prison
Hammering the nails
Pits of utumno
Burial of a plague
The enemy within


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