SHACLES Traitor’s gate

deadwebzineThe Participants of this shaping drawn near people to society TRENCH HELL/ ASSAULTER / DESTROYER 666 .In plane do not wait soft and sweet moments in their music. They persisting servants of the hell, spreading OLD DEATHRASH BLACKENED METAL ideology. The First full-fledged working (about HELL) the representatives of the remote mainland. Recorded three demonstration albums was before this work. Emphases they have spared creation beautiful tune by intriguing its dark mood. To their inimitable atmosphere is quite well connected parties of the acoustic guitar. The Vocalist also deserves the long-lasting ovation. Chant very emotional and militant! As total SHACLES is recommended all hellheads with patch & bullets and smell. KILLING MACHINE! 12/13

SHACLES “Traitor’s gate” CD 2008 (AUSTRALIA)
Program of the plate: Coiled in sin
Iron crosses
Malignant expulsion
Traitors gate
Cat o’nine tails
Exorcised remains
Exhumed from a water grave
Orgy of corpses


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