SIDUS TENEBRARUM Born from the dark rib

SUFFERING JESUS Production (ELIMINATOR) has released the next gang a terrorist in metal!
This is a first test italian мafia BLACK METAL shattering all on its way. The participants OATH were going to In this group.They came with cruel persons and ready to kill. This for the sake of ideas BLACK METAL.Here no keyboards. Here no feminine voices. Here no MOSH.All self-possessed in severe and nordic feelings. Even in such hot country as Italy know, what must be north and wicked hurlled. Particularly select and allocate last composition “Void”. Probably, the most central composition on this disk. In this was going to whole power, gravity, malice and hate from SIDUS TENEBRARUM!!! VIVA LA INFERNO FIESTA!!! 9/13


SIDUS TENEBRARUM “Born from the dark rib” CD 2009 (ITALY)
Program of the plate:
Excerpts of fury
They won’t leave
Unutterable unworthiness
When mind collapses
Nothing foreign
Lord of the night


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