THE LURKING CORPSES Smells like the dead

Very unusual variety of the metallic music. The Variety styles frames does not give the clear estimation. This creation mixture sound humour and class parties in music. Responsibility for issue carry the cult a people from REAPER METAL Records(CRUCIFIED MORTALS).In this heavy meatgrinder possible to hear the abudance an effect from horror movie, moments from HEAVY/MOSH/SPEED ROCK’N’METAL-D.R.I./TYPE O NEGATIVE/DANZIG/DOORS. The Plus add to the general portrait vapour acoustic numbers-Camp crystal lake/Caroline. Here In asset these punk sing on subject from film about nightmares there is else two albums-“23 Tales of terror” (2003) and “Lust for blood” (2006). Except merry, the twisted and heavy music about these pair go the persisting legends about their alive show. The This composition for accompaniment of the holiday helloween!!! Having Listened their last disk, want to visit beside them before scene! NIGHTMARE& BLACK HUMOR METAL!!!
REAPER METAL REC/P.O.BOX 27571 Cleveland/Oh 44127 USA 11/13

THE LURKING CORPSES “Smells like the dead” CD 2008 (USA)
Program of the plate:
Call on the dead/
Party time at zombie high/
Maggots ate her brain/
Into the moonlight/
Night at the grindhouse/
This nightmare carries on/
When the blood flows/
Sweet lycanthropy/
Evisceration speciality/
Camp crystal lake/Caroline


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