NECROPSIA D@e f@#king b@stard


And again this cup with wine I drink with big pleasure. More so that in Chile did always best wine! This is a devilish trio powerfully inspired BLACK METAL gang from north Europe. Sounds it is enough loathsome and in this is tracked admixture to dampness inherent gang from South America. I know that they close to encirclement EVIL THRASHER’zine and due to him they fall into miscellaneous small piece of coal world. So happened that record has got to maniac from ThaiSiameseHell -JERASAK(WITCHHAMMER Production). He has released this blood CD! I in the same way know that in Chile very strong and united scene, not allowing false and sweet gangs. The Big part talented album denoted underground comes exactly from there. NECROPSIA-primitive, irritate, gloomy and remain the old principle! The Thorns, protruding from Goat head and bullets instead of belt! So will always! The Person mighty and true stands out the known composition “The horn and the horned” from IMPALED NAZARENE. Demonic end this show of the darkness! Supreme and autodafe!!!

NECROPSIA “D@e f@#king b@stard” CD 2005 (CHILE)
Program of the plate: Spreading Satanism
We work for the devil
F@#king bastard
Angel of sin
Strikes from hell
North side Satanists
Travels to a dark dimension
Attack with hate
Infernal sentence
The horn and the horned (IMPALED NAZARENE’s cover)


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