SABBAT Live in Thailan Demonslaught

In general I simply ceased to listen all concert albums,but more so live after the last bugging “Eine claine nachtinmusic”(VENOM 2LP 1985). I have selfish considered this disk by top of the unexcelled alive sound in BLACK F@#KIN METAL! But the next letter of my dear brother on metal from Thailand (Greet JERASAK WARRIOR!!!) was sent with loored around by disk. The Storied neighbours from country rising sun SABBAT has visitted in 2007 Thailand with concert visit. I consider such visits as heroic feat kamikadze since in Malaysia, Thailand and India metal officially prohibited. On this satanic metal performance was chief of the company WITCHHAMMER Prod. -JERASAK itself, and for history he has released all on CD! In that day was, probably, else hot, than in THAILAND’s hell! SABBAT have broken the common-room its dick and frantic performance BLACK SAMURAI HEAVY ARMAGGEDDON!13 composition persisting ferric diluted infernal instrumental composition! THE STORM, COMING FROM JAPANESE EPIDEMIC DEATHESEA! MADE IN SOUTH EVIL!!!
WITCHHAMMER Production: 11/13


SABBAT “Live in Thailan Demonslaught” CD 2007 (JAPAN)
Program of the plate:
Black fire
Ishidamien’s guitar solos
Satan bless you
Evil nation
Evoke the evil
Disembody to the abyss
Demonic serenade & Brothers of demons
Mion’s hill
In league with devil
Darkness and evil
Heavy metal hunter (METALUCIFER’s cover)

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