VEXED Endless Armageddon

My personal favorite from Italy. I think, many are remembered my first interview within the framework of F@#KING THRASHHELL Fanzine. Excellent took place the talk.Mike present soldier of the mortal metal and his VEXED deserves the ranks of the cruel cult! Mad BLACK / THRASH METAL apocalypse, executed within the framework of traditional school. The Old spirit KREATOR / POISON / MINOTAUR / SODOM whirls these wild Italian in all composition. The Nearest teacher with words VEXED beside they emerge NECRODEATH(godfathers metal mafia with BULLDOZER!). Apropos, they, always, supported VEXED on all stage! “Endless Armageddon”-retro collection writing the gang in gap since 1999 on 2003. The Music as come off with chain dog overtaking you!. If the first part of disk more possessed and raw on its atmosphere, that next side incredible heavy with hurricane bass! SLAYER’s cover song is beasts! The Rave sounds to infernal anvil under name VEXED!!! F@#ING CULT! WITCHHAMMER Production: 13/13


Program of the plate: Napalm storm
Bringers of death
Lust of revenge
Oblivion takes unanimated brains
Delirium shades
Demonic war
Death justice
Dirty disaster
Black magic (SLAYER’s cover)
Death silence

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