WOUNDS PYOVELI Storming thrash vengeance

Two Finnish machines of death, sweeping away all on its way! The Beautiful feeling! This storm to pains and darknesses! Fury and punishment! WOUNDS having cult thrashers status has begun its rash PURE BLACK/SPEED/THRASH METAL attack toward their own comrades IMPALED NAZARENE /SODOM /KREATOR (Old). WOUNDS torture us heavy guitar and general pitiless sound. They at most heavy! Seems, after their sound of the deaths nothing do not remain above-ground. Right behind their own five numbers present PYOVELI also from country of a thousand lake. FINLAND ASSAULT CREW!
They are an obsessed of the dark maniacs UNHOLY THRASH METAL killing all that remained after WOUNDS. Plague and bestial! They have fine supported the mortal tandem. BLASHEMOUS SPEED CULT!!! All have released, as not difficult guess WITCHHAMMER Production.
WITCHHAMMER Production: witchhammer666@hotmail.com 13/13


WOUNDS/PYOVELI “Storming thrash vengeance” split-CD 2007 (FINLAND/FINLAND)

1. Storming Death
2. Gas Mutations
3. Enforcing with Blast
4. Murdering Reception
5. Rot Until Reborn

6. Total Onslaught
7. Fast Strike
8. Payback
9. Speed Metal Merchants
10. Executioner
11. Outro

Brutal Mutations (Demo – 1999)
Ex-Animal Foreskin (Demo – 2000)
Barbarizing the Death (Demo – 2000)
Nuclear Devastation (Demo – 2001)
Chaos Theory (CD – 2002)
Holocaust Reich (Demo – 2003)
The Demo-nic Desecrations ’99-’03 (Compilation – 2005)
Thermonuklear Thrash Metal Warfare (Split – 2005)
Storming Thrash Vengeance (Split – 2007)
Morbid Holocaust (CD – 2007)

Thrash Attack (Demo – 2001)
Overkill (Demo – 2001)
Ancient War Gods (Demo – 2002)
Feel the Razor (Demo – 2003)
The Hangman (DVD – 2004)
The New Renaissance Of Speed & Thrash Metal (CD – 2005)
Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg (Split – 2005)
Storming Thrash Vengeance (Split – 2007)


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