AUGRIMMER Autumnal heavens

Cold present chill winnows from this musics. This band hypothetical freezes the consciousness. Flesh does not hear, all freeze, but eye are covered ice. The Next BLACK METAL composition warriors from AUGRIMMER. Only north, only coldness, only darkness. Riffing either as is previously executed in classical variant of the bands from Norway and Finland begin 90. The Excellent school! AUGRIMMER show steadfast and proud songs for scene BLACK METAL. This album musicians from Germany have written before leaving “From the lone winters cold” (NORTHERN SILINCE Production). Comparing previous writing the band possible to note that music on “Autumnal heavens” present with the other verge. The Compositions more measured, sounding in slow mode. More ice and frost! THE COLD WARMS THEIR SOULS!!! 11/13


AUGRIMMER “Autumnal heavens” MCD 2009 (GERMANY)
Program of the plate:
1. The Sombre Cabinet
2. Autumnal Heavens
3. Of Endless Fall Is the Land Below
4. Spectres of Mortality


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