AUGRIMMER From the lone winters cold

Here is he full and new product from german warrior of the darkness AUGRIMMER. Once again here writting the odes cool triumph and might of the north.AUGRIMMER are dedicated soldier BLACK METAL scene. Their music without mawkish moments and tipoff on commerce. Only truthful BLACK METAL in classical understanding. GORGOROTH/ ISVIND/ ENTHRONED/ SETHERIAL – where that approximately in this range are found AUGRIMMER. Here is exactly with such atmosphere came to us first albums from Norway, when musicians created their own masterpieces for idea. The Frantic guitar attack, accompaniment of the acoustic passages and merciless thunder striking. Singing the vocalist on nickname SATAN rather emotional and cruel.AUGRIMMER show itself group with good BLACK METAL atmosphere. Their compositions with deep feeling. Here they have shown the rash attack and unbearable fury, which have crushed on us. The Tracks “At wintedawn” and “Deadlights” are enclosed in this album from debut four- songs demo 97 .COLD AS BY DAWN WAITS THE WORLD! 11/13


AUGRIMMER “From the lone winters cold” CD 2009 (GERMANY)
Program of the plate
1. From the Lone Winters Cold
2. A Ride the Celestial Night
3. The Nightful Sleep Below
4. At Winterdawn
5. The Orcus Storms
6. Deadlights
7. Bearer of Sorrow
8. A Thrall of the Night


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