EMBRACE DAMNATION Glory of a new darkness

In this recently appeared band play DAVE KIBLER and GARRET SCANLAN, the known on work in LIVIDITY. But does not to think that in new group they are also dedicated by US BRUTAL DEATH
GRIND.I am say to you no. Quite other music. Here not putrefaction and rotting guts. Yes, this DEATH METAL but more gravitating to INCANTATION IMMOLATION riffings. The Concept of the album- gloomy apocalyptic future. The Accent is executed not on meat grinder, but on tuneful and gloomy passages. Classical DEATH METAL opus with interesting party of the guitars and qualitative sounds. Technical, clearly and BRUTAL!ROTTING CORPSE Records red for advancement of their debut. “Necrophiliac”-composition SLAYER in their performances, was got best that I heard before this. The Splendid start! They have written on CD-BLASHEMY, BRUTALITY EXTRIMITY! This truth!
http://www.rottingcorserecords.com 12/13


EMBRACE DAMNATION “Glory of a new darkness” CD 2009 (USA)
Program of the plate:
Age of satan, Age of tribulation
Torture burns inside
Broken wings drenched in blood
Throne of chaos
Diabolic possession
Glory of a new darkness
Necrophiliac(SLAYER’s cover)
Summon the majestic
The eternal damned


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