INFEST Onward to destroy

! The Brothers of slavonic lands demonstrate the good knowledge of the high school DEATH METAL. They perform their own opuses with memorandum for get old school MORBID ANGEL / ASPHYX / CANCER / MASSACRA / UNLEASHED .In general, was got impaled work, without any fashionable trend. Such type DEATH METAL performed on border 91-92! Remarkable time for metal! In Serbia not very big scene, but all bands, which get from there, it is enough talented and interesting! Also presence black pair is noticed on this work from MAY RESULT (by GLAD) and SINISTER (by Aad).The Whole album is perceived on one breathing. Here, there is place aggressive melodics and powerful guitars solo, good striking attack and militant voice! Such DEATH METAL will not get dusty on tables! Steel and Death! 12/13


INFEST “Onward to destroy” CD 2009 (SERBIA)
1. Intro
2. Onward To Destroy
3. Screaming From Within
4. Slavery To No One
5. Krstu je Kraj
6. A Sickness Named Religion
7. Messiah of Blood
8. Back to the War
9. Christ Denial


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