The Brilliant plate came to us from solar Spain. This is an essential addition to armies ELITE THRASH/BLACK METAL. DEATH YELL/INSULTERS/GRAVEYARD and here is else and KORGULL will us to please their own product of the darkness! They rapidly invasion on scene and about their independent album possible to say only the most positive words. On vocals here toils daughter of witch-lilith NECROBITCH(ex-HARRIDAN).Her obsessed chant as attacking dogs in blast of fury! All in cuts and to death! Howling of dogs hitherto in -“dogs of war”. The Voice emotional and I was recalled immediately girl from Finland!(HAIL PYROTOXIC!).The Compositions undercovers gloomy coverlet friable and raw sound and me they have reminded the first lessons SODOM/ VULCANO/ ABIGAIL / BEWITCHED. On snack is here offered cover song japanese ninja of deaths from SABBAT.XTREEM MUSIC red for issue their debut album, which, probably, already left on out. On bass to guitar here toils too lady under name- STEEL MANIAC. Here is such unique facts. On-other I shall name this gang as RAW BESTIAL THRASH METAL ABBA FROM HELL! SIX / SIX / SIX!!!
http://www.myspace.com/korgulltheexterminator 12/13


Program of the plate:
1. Howls of War 02:10
2. The Death Squads March Upon the Etermination Fields 03:47
3. Revenge of the Dead 05:30
4. Berserkers 04:31
5. Dogs of War 05:13
6. For the Glory of Tyr 04:57
7. From Hell 04:46
8. Varg the Mighty 03:51
9. Kindome of Darkness 05:44
10. Satan Bless You (Sabbat cover) 03:25

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