LOCULO Escape from melody


The Second album of the merry metal mafia from Italy. They name itself as Spaghetti thrashers. For their own cover they use the humorous of the picture and photographies. The bad boys love sarcastic, and their will not name the gloomy grave maniacs. But this at all does not pertain to their music. They play rectilinear and ideas VIOLENT THRASH METAL in spirit of the old commands from 80.I dont know that means the word LOCULO. But I think this something connected with Italy. The Italy, which has presented us beautiful pages in histories of the metal. BULLDOZER / NECRODEATH / MORTUARY DRAPE / VEXED and think now LOCULO. The Splendid sounds! The Excellent infection! VIVA LA MUSICA! VIVA LA THRASHES FIESTA!

LOCULO “Escape from melody” CD 2009 (ITALY)
Program of the plate:
1. Intro 00:43
2. Spaghetti Thrashers 04:46
3. Cowripper 04:05
4. Raining Beer 04:24
5. Radio 666 04:40
6. Dementor 05:00
7. Jekyll & Hyde 06:51
8. Nightmare (Sarcofago Cover) 06:26

Total playing time 36:55

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