MENTALLY DEFILED The thrash brigade

The Terrific debut of the representatives of the Greek school. Certain and destructive THRASH METAL in mode of the classical work EXHORDER/ NUCLEAR ASSAULT /DESTRUCTION / SODOM / HOLY MOSES… The Classic cover CD. Such must look near-by future on this sinful land. On street will be only drunk, but air will shake THRASH METAL sounds! FAST &KILL! The Tracks are designed with abundance guitar party and solos moments with good tuneful medium and powerful bass hurricanes. The Vocal leader under name” Iron Beast” also it is enough emotional dispenses with mike. The Excellent voice of the destruction! THRASH MASSACRE Records (REVENGE) ingenious as always with its choice. MENTALLY DEFILED good discovery in this season. The Greek scene with each daytime becomes all strong and with such bands as this she will soon take the endless turns. THRASH INVASION FROM HELLAS! WATCH LOUD SOUND! BEWARE! 12/13


MENTALLY DEFILED “The thrash brigade” CD 2009 (GREECE)
1. Prelude To Vio-Lence 2.31
2. Necrohooligan 4.36
3. Mosh Pit Maniac 4.30
4. The Thrash Brigade 3.22
5. Schizophrenic 4.41
6. Lunar Chaos 3.45
7. Politisize 5.00
8. Leatherface (Watch Me Die) 3.02
9. The Thrash Brigade (extended version) 4.11


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