NECROHOLOCAUST DEIPHAGO Gods of holocaust split CD

Supreme of tandem star from hell! About cults these commands to speak, specifically does not cost. It is enough to look at composition, in which enter the people from MORBOSIDAD / BAPHOMET HORNS and great BLASHEMY!!! NECROHOLOCAUST this sounds devastating Armageddon, this METAL OF BLACKENED SPEED INFERNO!!! They cut up all from its machine gun all that they get on way. You ask, how much beside them patron in spare? Ha! See on this daemon, swathed with legs before head pool and projectile! The Murder and destruction alive! Here in after follows not more hard continuation on behalf of DEIPHAGO! Two compositions take from promo 2006. The Last two with concert appearance in Costa-Rica. The Pools, skull and crossbones! They in its obsessed stiletto UNHOLY BLACK GRIND with practice blasphemies! The Sounds killing inside out. The Nightmare sounds to infernal anvil! 12/13
Program of the plate:
I kill for satan
Born of thorns
Black war Gestapo
Demon possessed
Metal of death(BEHIRIT cover)
Blood angel(VON cover)
Death to everything(D)
Rapeslay of the virgin mary(D)
Sacrifice for satan(D)
Sacrifice for satan


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