WITCHAMMER Production Has released this collection, dedicated to this Finnish legend BLACK METAL. As always our expects cruel and uncompromising creative activity. The Chilling souls sound and frostbite to miscellaneous degree their sound-killer. The NORTH BLACK THRONE!!! The tracks entered In this compact disk with demo 95,97 and 2006, as well as record with alive appearance this band “live at Saaritarvi”(96).On essences, we deal with projected by collection, formed from material different years.70 minutes of the obsessed cult hateful BLACK METAL! This record possible boldly to address for all who hates the white world, to whom closer light of the moon and darkness! The Second wave BLACK METAL-here is the closest association about to creative activity UTGARD! Amen!  12/13 WITCHHAMMER Production:witchhammer666@hotmail.com

Program of the plate:
Brethren of wolves
Ultima thule
Northern glory
Black moors of troll-land
Towards the thrones
Alla mustan taivaan
Tytar pohjoisen
Forgotten heathen woods
Visions beyond stars
Enshrouded by ice(My angel)
Unholy desolation
Alla mustan taivaan


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