EXCIDIUM Infernal oath

EXCIDIUM "Infernal oath" demo- CD 2007 (POLAND)

EXCIDIUM "Infernal oath" demo- CD 2007 (POLAND)

BLACKENED THRASH ASSASSINS!-under such motto emerges this making look younger commands of the murderers. Probably, the brightest band from Polish scene, which has produced the impression on me. EXCIDIUM have a good scent, what must be true hurled. They espouse the old ideas. Their sound of hell is based on classical move NUNSLAUGHTER / SUICIDAL WINDS / TERRORIZER (PLAGUE CULT!). Here is I introduced exactly such mixture on this demo. They beautifully cope with ultra speed of the performance and herewith remain wild and cruel! PURE RAW DIE HARD! www.excidium.metal.org.pl 10/13

EXCIDIUM “Infernal oath” demo- CD 2007 (POLAND)

Program of the plate:

Earth destroyed

Infernal oath

Pestilent revenge

Realities of damnation


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