VORGUS Hellfueled satanic action

The next blow was put by the French opponents from INFERNO Records. In after release VASTATOR and HELLHOUND they have prepared the next musical act of terrorism! The Swedish trio VORGUS eccentrically posing in photos has brought down the sound impact consisting of bones, chains and skulls! DIE HARD HEAVY METAL BEAST! Before this transaction Swedes in the biography have some demonstration works, but “Hell fueled satanic action” was the first official record of a band. At INFERNO there is a slogan which they often use in the work-In Metal We Trust. Also on a disk there is a composition with this name. Coincidence? So, they use average rate of game and most close here analogies with GEHENNAH and the rest BLACK THRASH’ N’ ROLL will act! Also on their melodious bases their good education on classical metal is visible. Fine guitar work under the influence of JUDAS PRIEST and KISS in ferrous metal tightened by a skin and chains! VORGUS-it a good portion METAL KICK ASS!!! http://www.inferno-records.net 12/13

VORGUS "Hellfueled satanic action" CD 2009 (SWEDEN)

VORGUS "Hellfueled satanic action" CD 2009 (SWEDEN)

VORGUS “Hellfueled satanic action” CD 2009  (SWEDEN)
Program of the plate:
Hellfueled satanic action
In metal we trust
Down in flames
Hellhell satanas
Kill to live to kill
My beloved


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