NO PITY Iron from hell

We have received a remarkable debut from the country of the native land of hockey! I know that these young Canadian metal dudes close friends of guys from RIOTOR. Very good school for education. As well as it is necessary NO PITY pursues the purpose execution uncompromising and rectilinear OLD SCHOOL THRASH METAL with an obvious bias in German school. Here loans from the best moments of early period DESTRUCTION / KREATOR / LIVING DEATH / PROTECTOR (the Music born in 80 are clearly audible!). Barbarian vocal combined with the cutting to pieces sound of guitars and heavy support of the thunderous shock drums. Here their approximate picture threshing playing. NO PITY play NO MERCY!!! Remember this perspective formation! 11/13

NO PITY “Iron from hell” demo-CD 2009 (CANADA)

NO PITY “Iron from hell” demo-CD 2009 (CANADA)

NO PITY “Iron from hell” demo-CD 2009 (CANADA)

Program of the plate:
1. Metalhead Attack 03:13
2. Unholy Memories 03:03
3. No War No World 02:45
4. Voice of the Devil 03:37
5. Iron from Hell 04:24

Total playing time 17:02

Текущий состав
Martin Paquet : Гитара
Jean-François Tremblay :
Anthony Verreault : Вокал
Simon Danis : Барабаны


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