SEAR Begin the celebrations of sin

Simply fantastic release! Though already has passed a lot of time since an exit of the given opus, but it is music serves as the proof that the true art is created forever. Also this work is indicative and can serve as the visual aid of a correct direction in metal. So, about group. The next workers for DYNAMIC ARTS Records. SEAR it is far not beginners on a scene employees for metal since 2001. Through this band has passed many skilled Finnish musicians, it is enough to name such certificates as AVATHAR / KORGHONTURUS / HORNA … the Generated skeleton of a band has written down one demo “Realm Of Lies Falling Down” which was the predecessor of a surveyed album. Now we will address to these magnificent sounds. The introductory part has reminded me sketches BATHORY. No, do not think here has not begun to sound VIKING METAL. The hardest form has fallen Upon our heads splitting up BLACK/DEATH METAL. Their music is an infernal tractor going directly on you! Simply intolerable atmosphere without any indulgences on simplification of a sound. I think, in this plate for myself, something useful should find both admirers DEATH METAL, and adherents classical BLACK METAL. For me a favorites on this album was the composition “Monument 666”.In it musicians from Finland have connected a good expression, expressive dynamics, melody and furious character. Excellent attack!

Sear Begin The Celebrations Of Sin Cd 2005 Finland Dynamic Arts Records

Sear Begin The Celebrations Of Sin Cd 2005 Finland Dynamic Arts Records

SEAR “Begin the celebrations of sin” CD 2005 (FINLAND)
Program of the plate:
Lobotomy with a crucifix
Bless of blasphemy
Mankind’s last breath
Vade retro dues
Temptation of the flesh
Monument 666
blindfolded f@#k
Viimeinen voitelu


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