URN Soul destroyers

INFERNAL SOUNDS!!!I am very glad to new contacts to open people. I am literally recently have got acquainted with PERTTI – the basic owner of the oldest Finnish firm DYNAMIC ARTS Records. When it is known specialization of this office Exclusively Finnish bands from HARD’N HEAVY to devil DIE HARD BLACKENED THRASH/DEATH! It is necessary to give due PERTTI that it possesses good taste and knows as the present product of metal should look. I begin the review with bravo(!) to such cult group as URN. Very stories who does not own the information.
In this gang such active figures of a vault, as-Sulphur (Barathrum) have gathered, Blackvenom (Flame), Hellwind Inferion – (Tuonela / Uncreation’s Dawn).And it is natural teenagers they shook heads under VENOM / POISON / DESTRUCTION / SODOM / GRAVE DIGGER / RUNNING WILD / TANKARD / OVERKILL. Retro has given stimulus to destruction of souls. The moments from these cult artifacts also have given a wave for a debut storm of Finns. Madness in old style, where more than black shades in their gloomy world. Shouting names of songs in lines to their most powerful HELLBANGERS HEAVY/THRASH/BLACK METAL. Evilness a material full of energy and primitive demonium. In general NAILS, CHAINS, BULLETS and Skulls! Very much supplements their sound Armageddon lethal registration of a disk and beautiful photos of participants URN (Unholy artwork!). 10 severe songs- blows by a switch of fury and malice. URN it is possible to trust, after all they have quite sincerely approached, having played the dark sounds, unlike traitors of metal. Army DIE HARD FANS it grows also cannot enjoing.3×6!!!

URN “Soul destroyers” CD 2008 Dynamic Arts Records

URN “Soul destroyers” CD 2008 Dynamic Arts Records

URN “Soul destroyers” CD 2008 (ФИНЛЯНДИЯ)

Программа плиты:

Lifeless days, Pain

agony & death

Black steel worship

Strike of conqueror

In darkness the fire


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