CALVARIUM Assaulting The Divine

Will enough list musicians disappearing under a signboard of this brand: Molestor Kadotus – Vocals (AN@L BLASPHEMY, BAPTISM, MUSTA KAPPELI), Veilroth – Guitar, Bass (ALGHAZANATH, BEHEXEN), Lord Sargofagian – Drums (BAPTISM, BEHEXEN, SATANIC WARMASTER). So it is visible it is possible to name these people safely skilled fighters and elite Finnish BLACK METAL UG. Sounds collective music not deprived of gloomy melodies collapse consciousness is based on the most poisonous and misanthropic form BLACK METAL. This catatonics black in all shades and displays. Only four compositions hold down a cold of darkness penetrating to bones! Finland as northern country also has brought the conclusive contribution to development world BLACK METAL stories. That traditions proceed and CALVARIUM them is honorable preserve true BM blackness. Musical basis of CALVARIUM the versatile. They can create prompt attacks brutal character, and perfectly cope with average rate of execution. The vocal is not deprived emotional sides that gives to music CALVARIUM certain charm. Responsibility for release of similar act of music terrorism as always has incurred DYNAMIC ARTS Records. BLACK BLOOD PRIDE!

Calvarium - Assaulting The Divine EP - Dynamic Arts Records - Год 2004 - Стиль - Black Metal Страна - Finland

Calvarium - Assaulting The Divine EP - Dynamic Arts Records - Год 2004 - Стиль - Black Metal Страна - Finland

CALVARIUM “Assaulting the divine” MCD 2004 (FINLAND)
Program of the plate:
01-Wrathpainted Hammer Upon Their Weakening
02-Through The Scars Of Selfmutillation
03-Riistaen Sielun Ja Hengen
04-The Dark Blessed Elite

SEAR Lamentations Of Destruction
DEATHBOUND Non compos mentis

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