Interview With ANTICHRIST magazine

Welcome! How are you lately … How often do you change it and affect it in our conversation)?

Hellz! The whole mood is nice, much music, many work … I can’t say I have too often mood changes, but even if it could happen right now – it couldn’t affect on this interview.

Interview With ANTICHRIST magazine - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine - Ukraine

Interview With ANTICHRIST magazine - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine - Ukraine

At what point did you decided to take the release of the magazine, why this road has been chosen you, and say not a game in which a metal band?

Alex, I wanted to do some band many years ago, but my main ideas were into old-school thrash and black metal, and, when I trying find some musicians who could share my favorite music, I have not found ANY interested person. You know, here are musicians, mainly interested in brutal/death/grind or Slavonic / pagan / folk / black… So, I was just alone with my idea for a years. Idea to do zine came to me in ‘90s, but I can’t do anything because of some reasons back then, so I have just IDEA and no more. But later, in ’00s, I could do my dream a real thing.
How did the idea create his journal that name? You do not have occurred to change the name of his magazine because of the gloomy name)?

Pretty simple! I thought, what the word I can use for my own zine? And main thing, just like in the song of NUNSLAUGHTER “I Hate christians”, so, I hate them TOO, thus that didn’t take many time to think out this title. So, this is not only ‘zine’ title, this is also my personal thing.

To change zine’s title?! Noooo… what for?? I do not need to do it available through postal catalogues like Playboy, hehe. This is FROM MANIAC and FOR MANIACS! No compromise. If I put one title to something – it’ll not be changed, might it be my label or ‘zine.
Why did you publish it in English, because many fans of the metal is simply not able to read it … And what do you advise them in this case)?
I have answering this question almost in each interview. There is TOO SIMPLE answer – what is English language? English language is INTERNATIONAL language, which is used all around the globe. Thus I could start to spread info through many countries, means, interested fans (who can speak or just read English) from any country, could read my ‘zine. And, do you think HERE are enough of “fans” who reading ‘zines?! Just a few… So I’m not sure if I could spread several thousands of paper zines here in ex-USSR area, what do you think?

Interview With ANTICHRIST magazine – Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine – Ukraine

Interview With ANTICHRIST magazine – Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine – Ukraine

And, I will not advice anything to them, because those who interested – they ask for zine even if they do not know English…
By what criteria the selection of teams for behaving the next issue. By the way how many of them came at the moment you have and what the circulation of your first and last numbers say?

I listen to the music, and when my mind is killed by some band – I doing an interview with them. Exceptions are mature old bands, with these I make interviews when I feel that I would like to ask something from them.

I do not remember about first issues, smthg like 300-500… Now we print 3.000 copies, and as you know, distributing them worldwide.
What interview is considered the most successful in your career as a journalist and do you have an interview with a dream at the moment?

Most successful interviews? Hm… too many to write them all hereJ. Interview-dream? No, I do not think so… maybe interview with C. Schuldiner, ‘coz DEATH’s “Leprosy” was my very fist band into METAL I have heard back in early ‘90s.
Have you a manifestation of overt rudeness of his interlocutors or manifestations of posturing?

Boors or posers? mm… nope… Can’t remember now, I think no.
What do you think will develop a paper work now compared with the period of ten years ago) What magazines do you allocate to yourself on which you can learn to make self-publishing and what style you like?

Alex, you know – 10 years ago there were loads of zines, but many of them are dead now… So, the only evolution I see is printing quality, from Xeroxed to pro-printed, and that’s all… But there are positive sides too!!! Look – from trendy paper s@@tzines there are alive only those which were started many years ago, and now, we can see that ANY poser kid can’t make paper zine, because he will do some webzine, ‘coz his thoughs are like “oh s@@t! Why the hell I’ll spent some money for printing paper if I can do some digital s@@t!”J))))))

At the moment (sounds crappy, but true) – I’m too busy with label and zine, thus I almost do not have the time to read zies(((( I have little time for zines reading, so the only thing I do when I holding some zine between my hands – reading inside content with hellish hungryJ. Most of all I like style, both of us grew up with – cut’n’paste! BUT! Far not everyone. You know, some zines do it properly, but some ones do it sooo s@@tty… Most zines with great style are comes from such countries liek Malaysia, Peru, Chile…

Interview With ANTICHRIST magazine - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine - Ukraine

Interview With ANTICHRIST magazine - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine - Ukraine

How much time do you take to create a single issue, and who helps you with this. The fastest and longest response from groups in your career you can think of. Did you do when a phone interview with the groups or basically are using this online?
It depends… I can release 1 or 3 issues per year, depending on my time and how many time bands will answer my questions. There are several bands who sent back GOOD answers in 1-2 days!!!!! Now I can’t remember their titles, but I still remember some bands, I waiting (correctly – I do NOT waiting anymore) for their answers still, there are: MAMMOTH GRINDER, URN (Fin), MALFEITOR, LOITS, NARJAHANAM and yet couple. Now I can just say F@@K THESE S@@TS! Why? Because THEY have wrote me “yeah, thx! Of course we are interested!!”. And I’d like to send huge f@@k off to Ukrainian DIVULTION from your city!! They have sent me demo, I like it, ask if they are interested to do an interview, and answer was “of course!”, but after sending questions I have got nothing, and just after “e-mail attack” I have got answer, like “NO! We have no time for your interviews etc”. So, looks like when they have got the deal with More Hate prods, they thought they became something too big for answering interviews? F@@k off! I got an answers in couple days after sending questions from various METAL GODS, and some little unknown band trying to be “too serious”(?), this is really funny and poser-like.

And no, I have never made phone interview, I like press keys mostly
I know you as a big fan of the Polish Nekroskop zine … you impressed by the abundance of information, publications or graphics more … Can you name their favorites in the two?
Neither info nor graphixJ. I have HUGEST respect towards Adam from NECROSCOPE, because, in spite of too many years into making zine, he haven’t turning into trendy s@@t. And he just doing what he feel. His zine still xeroxed and still including really beastly bands, he is into Tape trading and etc. Thus – he is REAL UG MANIAC. And yes, info is reat there!
Do you have regular readers who have all the numbers of your magazine … From what exotic places such were the orders for the Antichrist?

Yes, there are some “metal army”, waiting for each new issue etc. Exotic places? Hm… Hard to say, ‘coz ANTICHRIST is distributed in exotic countries as well, like in Chile, Peru, N. Zealand… And there were people ordering ANTICHRIST from such places like Nicaraqua, QATAR, FAROE ISLANDS, MADAGASKAR and yet some really obscure places… Yeah, post office workers making really wide opened eyes when I sending packs to, let’s say – “to anywhere”, hehe!! They even asking from time to time, “what is the country?! I have never heard of!”

You practice exchanges with other publications … I know do you still own distro service … Tell us a bit about this work … and work your badge, how many artists released at this time)?

Anything special, just regular label/shop work… Packing and etc during the whole day, what yet?:) At the moment there are 23 releases. And I’m proud by bands I’m working with, which I have released already, and which will be released soon, such like APOKALYPTIC RAIDS, INFERNAL BOOZER, EVILDEAD (US cult!), SINAH, MOTOR, SCORCHED-EARTH, WARHAMMER, WARHEAD, ARCHITORTURE, BESTIAL CURSE and etc… More follow ASAP!

Also, recently we have got an agreement with CENTURY MEDIA Recs (USA office), they will be main distributors of DEAD CENTER Prods releases there in North America, what is good thing too.

Interview With ANTICHRIST magazine - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine - Ukraine

Interview With ANTICHRIST magazine - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine - Ukraine

You have probably almost no free time, like other people-it’s your job, but you’re doing something … How is your family to your business) Can you talk a little bit about your daily routine and publisher of the Antichrist)?

Yes, this is my full-time work, 6 days per week, from 7-8 A.M. until 7-10 P.M. But I’m completely satisfied, ‘coz, as you have said, I do work which is all my life, which is my beloved thing… You can’t believe, but my family have pretty positive thoughts regarding my work, my wife is metalhead too, and she working with me, helping me with warehouse, packing, and with zine as well.

The day just like with label, I do two works in one time, from morning until evening. Doing next: answering tons of e-mails, working with customers, packing orders, wholesales etc, visiting post-office, writting reviews…

Do you not plan in the near future as it is practiced in the world, gather festival shined you log groups … Because of these festivals in Ukraine, virtually non-existent …?

This is just my dream, which, I think, will never become true… You know, this is too hard make gigs here, moreover if you talking about abroad bands… This is hard topic for me…

Tell me what age you are plunged into a world of iron … Your first group of idols and recent discoveries that you are strongly advised to ordinary fans … This is the number of entries as you pass through the fantastically amazing … you are a collector himself a variety of media)?

It was ~ ’91-’92… My brother’s friend forget one tape at our home… I took that tape, and there was “strange” (for me back then) picture… I put tape in deck, and what I have heard? Some noise! S@@t, I said, and stopped playing that tape… But tape was like monster magnet, and I put it again and again, and after several listenings my mind was blowed, and that day/year has changed all my life… The tape was DEATH “Leprosy” – monster album for me, my personal favourite all there years…


Yes, of course I’m radical metalhead, who colecting real formats, like CDs, Tapes, VINYLS! Vinyl is more exciting for me, and from the other side – Vinyl sound is much better than digital CD one!
Not arose Do you ever throw it all away … exercise routine I mean feeling tired and uninteresting) Have bouts of frustration, whether you’re faced with the expression of RIP OFF?

Stop? NO! Fatigue? YES! From time to time I felt such… Something about 1 time per yearJ. But I have NEVER thought STOP this.

RIP-OFF… Of course!!!! These days not too often, but, let’s say – about 10 years ago – too often… Nowadays rip-off is not so powerful like years ago, THX to internet, where spreading info about rip-offers. But, sometimes you can be ripped off by some OLD and GOOD partner, all happens…

Most of “strange” rip-off I have got from Rest in Peace (do you remember this label from Russia?) years ago…

Do you drink alcohol) Have you done your magazine in an inadequate state) ?

I use beers mostly. Sometimes Vine and whiskey. Regarding vodka – I do not drink vodka for about 5 years alreadyJ. And NO, work is work, but party is partyJ

I noticed you have a gang is often repeated questions … Do you use a pattern or just a style you completely satisfied …?

No, I do not have any template. Alex, all is simple. I’m not journalist, I’m METAL FAN, and all my questions are from my deep thoughts, means I’m asking ONLY questions I AM want to know answer. Thus, if I want to know something about one band, but I have asked same question to some other band, means I can’t ask?:) All those “non-similar-to-others” writting are just bulls@@t. From my point of view – you have ask things YOU interested in.
Do you have a question for the gang in almost every interview about Ukraine-What do you know about this country and who know that something like this in the spirit) what is the most erudite and knowledgeable conversationalist you remember from your answer, remembering this, and whether conversely silly statements)?

Yeah, sometimes there are pretty good answers, but mostly regarding Klitchko, Shevtchenko. Nokturnal Mortum, Lucifugum… But most “great” answer was years ago, when one guy (I do not remember what the band) have answered to me something like “yeah! I know Ukraine very well! I even was there several times! This is somewhere in Germany JJJJ. That’s the only one I remember right now.

What can you say about the development of the metal underground scene in our country … It’s very rare to see local talent on your page or on your them is not so much now) Magazines … webzines … Fans … Your thoughts on this subject?

From my point of view, Ukrainian “scene” is dead… Only couple worth bands, several(?) good labels… But most great thing is that here still ARE PURE fans of PURE METAL HELL!!! Which buying stuff like SABBAT, BLASPHEMY, BESTIAL WARLUST, BLACK WITCHERY, NUNSLAUGHTER and etc… Also I’m really glad that here still are fans of OLD-SCHOOL speed/thrash metal! Most great thing is when I have got e-mail from some new customer, who ordering some really kick ass musick, and writes something like “please use address of my mother/grandmother, because I’m 13-14 yrs old(!!!) and I do not have a passport”!!! This is really promising thing!

Regarding Ukrainian fests… I do not like anyone… you know, here are only those stupid trendy ones, with empty major bands…
How do you feel about the metal forums and forums where spread music MP3, etc.?
Metal forum is good thing, but metal forum where are mp3 files – this is real bulls@@t! The only good side of them is when some fan, interested in some band, but have never heard their music, and can’t find any myspace etc with band’s music, then he/she will download those crappy mp3s, listen to them, and if band will be s@@t – he/she will just delete files, but if the band is awesome, he/she will delete files and will search for original release.

But when it comes to so-called “fans” who collecting music in mp3 – then this is really ANTI-MUSIC attitude… When they say something like “oh yeah! My “collection” is hugest!! I have over 25 terabytes!!” – this sounds VERY funny, and sad from the other side. f@@k them!!!!!!!
Your relationship to the manifestation of the latest trends from the firms producing physical media-on download promotional materials from the Internet?

Haha!! That’s really bad thing too. Look – such “webrecords” should be useful for people who run webzine, because all he/she doing is typing text and share it through internet… But those who make paper zines, who spending MUCH MORE time and main thing – TONS OF MONEY – those should receive real physical formats… Otherwise this looks like “get this dirty bone, you are dirty dog”!

I do not give a f@@k about this actually, because many of those labels who became spreading i-net promo stuff still sending original stuff to me, so I can sink deep into the music and artwork.

Interview With ANTICHRIST magazine - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine - Ukraine

Interview With ANTICHRIST magazine - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine - Ukraine

When will your next issue and who will be party to the upcoming release?
12th issue of ANTICHRIST metalzine should be printed very soon (end of 2011). And it’ll be totally killer one! With the bands like:


+ tons of fresh informative reviews.

Also, there should be VOMITOR and PERVERSOR interviews… but in case if they will finish their answers in time.
I wish you great luck in your hard work and keep the flame of eternal dungeon! Stein Eternal FRIEND!

Hey! Thx bro! It was great to speak wth you, I hope you’ll continue do anything you can for UG, and together we are just like powerful blast, which spitting on the graves of trendy times~! HAIL!


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