MASTERSTROKE … One more acknowledgement that the Finnish earth is rich on talents. And this statement concerns not only BLACK METAL scenes, and other directions of metal. The album “Sleep” is the second work in the history of musicians from a city of Tampere where as a matter of fact, office DYNAMIC ARTS Records acquainting us with local heroes of a steel is located. I will not hide that I am brought up on classical traditions in metal, and I know value for a scene of such style as CLASSIC HEAVY METAL. This it and have chosen in the creativity MASTERSTROKE. This music charges you wild energy. Under such sounds step on the stage show the muscles sportsmen body builders. IRON UP! Under such music it is pleasant to dream. These melodies open various sides of human soul. Only positive and proud emotions directing you on creative and creative decisions. Similar moods at me arise, when I listen to old records of such veterans as HELLOWEEN / GAMMA RAY / BLIND GUARDIAN / RAGE / IRON MAIDEN. And now I have found a new name in the name of MASTERSTROKE. Very excellent the arrangements, interesting guitar parties and magnificent vocal -Niko Rauhala. Emotional singing in register POWER METAL with a repeated variation and long singsongs add to these sounds certain colour and atmosphere. Close eyes and be dissolved in this stream steel melodies. DREAMS … MELODY … ENDLESS …

MASTERSTROKE “Sleep” CD FINLAND Год - 2007 Стиль - Heavy Metal Страна - Finland

MASTERSTROKE “Sleep” CD FINLAND Год - 2007 Стиль - Heavy Metal Страна - Finland

Niko Rauhala – Guitar, Vocals
Markus Kekoni – Guitar
Jussi Kulomaa – Keyboards
Janne Juutinen – Drums
Marko Kolehmainen – Bass


1. Transition 00:39
2. Killing Creatures 04:55
3. Turn Away 03:42
4. Under Our Command 03:38
5. Another Failure 04:37
6. Circle 06:10
7. Being Me 04:28
8. Sleep 04:04
9. Silent 03:23
10. Final Journey 06:23

Total time – 41:57
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