The second part on a fear planet in captivity at SCORNGRAIN. Morbid and shizo a dream pursues you. Echoes of these sounds decompose radiation your cover. The modern society perverted by mankind and nuclear tests. Welcome in the severe world of a reality from SCORNGRAIN. On to new work the Finnish musicians have laid more emphasis on guitar work, having weighted guitar riffing and having added more than a metal sound. Though firm industrial charm is present almost at each composition. Fragmentary rate and shrill electronics with paranoid singing. The sound became deeper and metalized that personally me has more satisfied. I have grown fond of these sounds and I can not wait any more when DYNAMIC ARTS Records will please with news about the third coming of experimenters from SCORNGRAIN. In general the world can be not only black, but also green “Cyberwarmachine”, but also even brown “0,05 %”.SG!

scorngrain - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine - Ukraine

scorngrain - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine - Ukraine

Program of the plate:
The code
Toadstool journey
Off with their heads
Draw the line
Shot down
Mama stabber

SCORNGRAIN Cyberwarmachine
CALVARIUM Assaulting The Divine
SEAR Lamentations Of Destruction
DEATHBOUND Non compos mentis


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