SCORNGRAIN Cyberwarmachine

Listening to initial sounds of a debut album of the Finnish experts in the field of the nuclear industry, I have come to a conclusion that experiments with metal are main credo SCORNGRAIN. Before eyes there are the images taken from technological computer PC games, for example such as DEAD SPACE / FEAR / RESIDENT EVIL / QUAKE 5 … HA ha ha !!! They use fantastic synthesis on crossing of molecules of metal (THRASH METAL) and various industrial electronics. Nuclear reaction in metal! And the parity of metal and electronic impregnations is approximately in an equal proportion. POST APOCALYPTIC INFERNO! For a change I have heard to this disk with the great pleasure, though it not absolutely my cup of tea! SCORNGRAIN-rather strong power certificate breaking your flesh and overwhelming reason! Also such music will operate very much twisted if you are at the wheel the auto. CYBER THRASH METAL from 22 centuries!

SCORNGRAIN Cyberwarmachine - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine - Ukraine

SCORNGRAIN Cyberwarmachine - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine - Ukraine

Scorngrain – Cyberwarmachine (2004) – Industrial Black Metal
01. 24-7 Hell [04:12]
02. Blank [04:44]
03. Cyberwarmachine [03:20]
04. Flesh Means Pain [04:14]
05. Killing Breed [04:18]
06. 4D Religion [04:40]
07. New Paradise (Bukkake Remix) [03:58]
08. Dawn of Hypocrite God [03:12]
09. No Funeral For the Last [07:19]
Полное время альбома: [39:57]

SEAR Lamentations Of Destruction
DEATHBOUND Non compos mentis
AUGRIMMER Autumnal heavens


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