EDAIN Through thought and time

I see, this talented group of Czech strenuously sponsors PARAT magazine. EDAIN have given 5 compositions of the strange perception of the world in metal sounds. About Great! They have reminded me good pieces which met when that at ANATHEMA. This is deep and shrill compositions weight of acoustic passages inclusions and broken metal jazz riffings (both guitar & bass attack!). Further and further in depths of avant-garde also it will be absolutely not dull to admirers VED BUENS ENDE / CONFESSOR / IN THE WOODS / ARCTURUS / TERRA IMPRESSIONUM (Hail guys from Crimean Lands!). EX sounds! Undoubtedly I have spent perfectly well time, listening EDAIN. This is paradox that in such severe and US Brutal area to environment what is, the Czech underground was a place for the similar character. There are Czechs EDAIN worthy erudites of metal!

EDAIN “Through thought and time” CD 2009 (CZECH REPUBLIC) Edain (Progressive Death)

EDAIN “Through thought and time” CD 2009 (CZECH REPUBLIC) Edain (Progressive Death)

EDAIN “Through thought and time” CD 2009 (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Program of the plate:

The downward spiral
Fragments of frail designs
Eden lies obscured
Earn your pain

Martin Kral : Guitar
Zdenek Zahora : Bass
Jiri Stanek : Drums
Martin Brnovjak : Vocals
Pavel Jerabek : Guitar

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