Italy attacks! At last I have again heard qualitative sounds from those places united by one habitat. All gangs from one area and sincerely hang together. Besides the given collection is dated memories local heroes of metal from gang MONOLITH (F@#king Heavy Cult!) .Open this disk AXEVYPER. They play for music’s tightened in a skin and striped stockings, sample TRUE HEAVY METAL on a manner similar on classical IRON MAIDEN. Bestial! As the following they act FALLEN F@#KING ANGELS with two compositions OLD SCHOOL HEAVY / SPEED METAL very sincerely and fervently execute the material. I will recommend this gang, all who respects creativity EXCITER / IRON ANGEL / TANK!!! Perfectly well! BELLISSIMO! Relay race pick up original TWILIGHT ZONE.I don’t know that in Italy live such qualitative HEAVY METAL steel wars! To me they were remembered rhythmical riffings and a unique vocal with a high range of a voice! MONOLITH – here act, the highlight of the program. As well as it is necessary to protagonists of day for, this release they have selected the two powerful compositions full of an expression and emotions. On heat I would compare them, to the best period of such gods as MANOWAR and KILLERS! Certainly at them notes similar with BON FIRE / MOTLEY CRUE come across, but tell who at that time did not sing about passionate fire in the opinion of blondes! Ha-ha! Excellent there was a legend! Well and for a dessert on it collections have allowed to be realized infernal to change in the name of SCAVENGER. They have decided to finish all in the end surgical DEATH METAL within the limits of old sounds. CARCASS? SCAVENGER! I was glad, listening to such music deprived of pathos and a commercial plan. Italians with all the heart! VIVA LA HEAVY MUSICA!
12 / 13

No Cover - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine - Ukraine

No Cover - Pure Die Hard Metal Fanzine - Ukraine

Program of plate:
Italian restaurant(FFA)
River of the pain(TZ)
The gates of hell(TZ)
Whenwe were together(M)
The beast down inside(M)
Voices in the night(M)
Lights of the dead(S)

PSYCOPATH WITCH Worshipping the Flagellator
RAMPART Voice of the wilderness
VEXED Nightmare holocaust
LOCULO Escape from melody
VIOLENT ASSAULT The flag of the inverted cross


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