I have pleasantly disturbed with the underground presence VACULA Records from our western areas. I heard about this association supporting assault in the field of Heathen BM. Also at me there was information that the guy who is supervised VACULA by the big assistant to a local scene of Ukraine. So, contact has taken place, and I show an open step, towards doing its review VACULA stuffs. GJALLARHORN of the ancient city of Kherson after a deep history with demonstration messages, at last, show the first well-founded plate. Already on the first sound pieces to me the picture of atmospheric mood and gloomy BLACK METAL with the big share of depressive melodies has appeared. Influence old BURZUM. This way of execution with the big share of liking to a cold and northern subjects is appreciable is obvious on “Awakening”. GJALLARHORN have declared the war together with VACULA crew and I expect their new sound impulses. The excellent emotions caused amazing BLACK METAL by execution. I expect new attacks and I urgently recommend this name. PURE NATURE BLACK ART!

GJALLARHORN “Awakening” CD 2009 (ukraine, Vacula Records, Black Metal)

GJALLARHORN “Awakening” CD 2009 (ukraine, Vacula Records, Black Metal)


Program of the plate:
On descents to a hall мертвих

БЕЗДНА Это время волчьих стай
NEFARIUM Haeretichristus
BAAL ZEBUTH We are satanas CD
WOUNDS PYOVELI Storming thrash vengeance


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