HATE BEAST Blade swings down

HATE BEAST from the USA yet has no history. All information on them is ciphered in this message consisting of five compositions rough BAY AREA THRASH METAL with greater influence HEAVY METAL and even by impregnations ANGRY / HARDCORE. Slow and heavy structures of compositions from the first chords start to press the rigid sound. I think, the following release, will be indicative, in what role the gang will operate further. Now the gang shows good sounds for admirers of old material METALLICA / ANTHRAX / PANTERA. Yes, it is possible to argue on originality and quality of sounding, but all lacks are compensated by musicians the desire to work for metal. Sincere Belief! ONLY METAL HATE!

HATE BEAST Blade swings down EP 2010 (USA)

HATE BEAST Blade swings down EP 2010 (USA)

HATE BEAST “Blade swings down” EP 2010 (USA)
Program of the plate:
Immortal soul
Sands of time
the executioner
Thrill of the hunt
Age of the fifth sun

WOUNDS PYOVELI Storming thrash vengeance
RABID Annihilation CD 2007
GODSLAVE Out Of The Ashes EP 2008
LIFELESS “Beyond the threshold of death” CD 2008


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