TORTURER Wind From The Darkwood

One more widespread name in underground metal. More recently overdried a latest album of veterans DEATH METAL from Chile. And again familiar name. This time we deal with representatives from the north-east of Ukraine. It is debut work of group of Lugansk, large industrial centre, such as we will tell Essen in Germany. HAIL SODOM, ha-ha! The severe megacity has brought into the world this association of black minds having already experience of game in such groups as, for example UNGOLIANTHA. With the help of local badge VACULA Prod. Release of this tormenting has taken place I smother DEATH / BLACK METAL an opus. Despite all dampness of sounding and carelessly programmed shock, quite good pieces here come across. The passages executed on the average rate especially are worthy. This main weapon TORTURER .If you much to wish a gang to find on following release other decisions in the plan a section rhythm for now we consider them DEATH / BLACK METAL the attacking plan, as the firm card. Before the Storm! 8 / 13

TORTURER “Wind From The Darkwood” CD 2010 (UKRAINE)

TORTURER “Wind From The Darkwood” CD 2010 (UKRAINE)

TORTURER “Wind From The Darkwood” CD 2010 (UKRAINE)
Program of plate:
Lies from dreams
Wind from the darkwood
The blood red dawn
Faceless wolf

POLYMORPH Disgraceful Supper
DATURA Impulse 80
SOULREST Sentenced to suicide
NOCTURNAL AMENTIA “Sun not rise never” demo-tape 2008
БЕЗДНА Это время волчьих стай


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