DESTRUTOR Coercao profane

What to tell, when once again you meet a command from Brazil? It is natural that in most cases we are waited by acquaintance to new band preaching rectilinear and severe THRASH METAL old style. DESTRUTOR left on a track war to be at war with a dirty and fragmentary sound against commercial bums in metal! Only alcoholic euphoria and a roar in a direction of old records ASSASSIN / IRON ANGEL / DESTRUCTION / SEPULTURA / DARK ANGEL … Fine execution for those who carries jeans vests over leather jackets. My forecasts will be such that is fast commands from Brazil, will be as much as their football players worldwide, ha-ha-ha-ha! DESTRUTOR play Brazilian THRASH METAL and only on Portuguese. Furiously to twirl and twisted by a head!

DESTRUTOR “Coercao profane” demo-CD 2010 (BRASIL)

DESTRUTOR “Coercao profane” demo-CD 2010 (BRASIL)

DESTRUTOR “Coercao profane” demo-CD 2010 (BRASIL)
Program of plate:
Ataque infernal
Portais do inferno
Calor da Guerra
Soldados infernais
Guerreiros do metal
Vida sem rumo

PRAGA Firstthrash
DECIMATOR “Killing tendency” CD 2007 (Brazil)
FACINORA Born in fear
NO PITY Iron from hell

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