TRAZOM A reclamation of power

Excellent sounds have come to us from native land THRASH METAL. I is glad to acquaintance to such remarkable band as TRAZOM. I hasten to inform that these guys are perfectly familiar with creativity MEGADETH / DARK ANGEL for example. But it was not a blind copy, and an original find. They synthesized the THRASH METAL sounding with weight of techniques and elements NWOBHM. This is has reminded me an alloy of such collectives as CORONER / FLOTSAM AND JETSAM / MEGADETH and IRON MAIDEN / JUDAS PRIEST. This good mix for the description of music of new collective. One my companion as that has characterized a similar direction rather intelligent-clever THRASH METAL. Well such and it would be desirable to apply to a newly made demo of Americans from TRAZOM. Twisted and a progressive step in THRASH METAL!

TRAZOM A reclamation of power EP 2010 (USA)

TRAZOM A reclamation of power EP 2010 (USA)


TRAZOM A reclamation of power EP 2010 (USA)
Program of plate:
Natural disaster
Demons in the head
Let it be done
World of illusions

MERCILESS DEATH (USA) “Evil in the night” CD 2007
LIFELESS “Beyond the threshold of death” CD 2008
HATE BEAST Blade swings down
WOUNDS PYOVELI Storming thrash vengeance


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